HardGame2 reviews Gears of War 2 - Good game but not perfect

The editor writes:

The best: The progress system and combat. The camera. The evolution of the story. The variety, quality and addictive multiplayer mode. Very very addictive.

The worst: There are any problem with the framerate. Good, but more of the same. We have to wait for the next Gears of War.

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Batusai4025d ago

I think that i will buy Fable II before than Gears of War 2. Good, but the same of ever.

himdeel4025d ago you cannot go wrong if you're interested in both and I also think Fable2 will tide you over until you get Gears2.

Mr PS34025d ago

Gears 2 Sucks
Resistance 2 Owns

AngryHippo4025d ago

...p!ss off and play resistance then you close minded mongoloid.

Bots Of A Feather Fl4025d ago

Gears of War 2=8.9 at IGN

Only Xbots will deny the obvious superiority of Resistance 2

GUNS N SWORDS4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

you have proof of this?

"idiots in a river drown Together"


last time i checked both got a 9.5.

and gears2 got a 9.5 for Presentation/graphics

while Resistance2 got only 9.0 for Presentation/graphics.

TDK_20084025d ago

The Best Game of the Year. Gears of War 3, please.

Batusai4025d ago

I think it can be one of the best games on 360 (like Fable II), but in general, I think that games like Crysis Warhead or BioShock are best games that Gears of War 2

swiftshot934025d ago

btw-metacritic listed that 1up gave the game an A+, but it only got an A(checked the site)-can some1 clarify...

WhittO4025d ago

ye this has been pointed out - doubt they will change it though lol

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The story is too old to be commented.