Overhyped: Will Gears of War 2 Deliver?

Gears of War 2 is almost upon us and That Aussie Game Site is counting the sleeps, come this Friday night we expect to be well on our way towards the 'Seriously 2.0 Achievement' and whooping it up in some awesome Horde action. Epic and Microsoft have been bombarding us with a battleship-sized marketing machine and while I lapped up the first few Developer Diaries with repeated viewings they have now well and truly hit saturation point for me. With every new instalment they come off as a little more conceited and vomit inducing, even going so far as comparing the Gears 2 story to the year's best film The Dark Knight. To quote Marcus Fenix himself, "Aww, come on!"

Gears of War 2 needs to deliver 5 key points if it is to have any hope of living up to the hype and actually being "bigger, better and more badass."

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Narutone664036d ago

otherwise, the PS3 will have no competition. No competition means no good games.