Bungie Weekly Update

This weekly update is from a "sick" *cough* Frankie who reveals some tidbits about Halo 3. KP also takes a crack at the update and a mini helping of the Waahmbulance is also included.

USMChardcharger6371d ago

i love the Waahmbulance. should have been in affect years ago. i gave up on halo because of the way people act and the cheating.

thetruth6371d ago (Edited 6371d ago )

Ya, if find the waahmbulance to be extremely funny especially the way how the cheaters cant spell and sound completely moronic.

PS360PCROCKS6370d ago

yeah this is cool tho, the graphical things he's talking about


Xbox 360 Turns 18: Three Cheers to Live, Halo, and Red Rings

The Xbox 360 launched in North America 18 years ago, and is now officially old enough to buy you a drink in Europe.

darthv726d ago

Great platform, and many of its games (not bc) still hold up well to this day. Like the PS3, I keep a 360 hooked up for those games you can't play any other way.

isarai6d ago

The last gasp of greatness from XBox, you are missed, except the RROD that was lame, but amazing exclusives until the Kinect dropped.

TheBrainZ5d ago

So many brilliant games. I still have one stored somewhere.

LG_Fox_Brazil5d ago

I really enjoyed my X360, some great exclusives on it. Used to play the shit out ot Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, two masterpieces


Xbox 360 Retro Merchandise Range Arrives

Xbox has launched 'The Heritage Collection', a new range of Xbox 360 retro-inspired apparel ahead of the console's 18th anniversary.

Yi-Long51d ago

An Xbox Mini or 360 Mini with 30-50 games each would be an absolute must-have …
Both those consoles had some really great games.

Profchaos51d ago

Realistically you can still buy a 360 at a reasonable price say under 50 bucks they are plentiful and games are dirt cheap at 2 to 10 dollars each could just build your own collection

Rgbsquad50d ago

Mine costed me 90$ :/, didn't feel good about it but it works at least.

FinalFantasyFanatic51d ago

Would be cool, but it's a bit early to put that out, you can still buy 360 games anyway (for now), maybe some statues or model kits would be nice (some older gen consoles already have model kits). Actually, it would be pretty cool if Retroflag made Xbox cases for the new Raspberry Pi 5, I'm surprised they didn't offer a hat either.

Popsicle51d ago

Xbox 360 is considered retro gaming now. Man I am getting old 🤦‍♂️

Einhander197251d ago

They got the color of the ring wrong, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be red.

Ninver50d ago

🤣🤣 n4g is a goldmine for comedy. When you're having a bad day just come here for laughs.

purple10151d ago

A white t shirt with a big RED RING on it?

Ahh, the good times.

Knightofelemia50d ago

The hoodie would be better if the green ring was red I would buy that.

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The Best Selling Xbox 360 Games of all Time

Want to know what the the best selling Xbox 360 games of all time are? Well look no further, as we delve deep into this consoles' catalogue.

jznrpg51d ago

This list will never change