Capcom on Twitter: A new challenger appears, Tune in for a special announcement tomorrow

A new challenger appears.

Tune in for a special announcement tomorrow.

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Nitrowolf29d ago

Looks like another classic collection of some sort

You can see street fighter and maybe mega man and Alien vs predator

Maybe even a mini console

Old McGroin9d ago

Nearly spot on, a mini plug and play console in the form of a two player arcade twin stick set up. Interesting.

Honestly though I would prefer it if they would just fix the Beat 'em Up Collection online mode.

darthv729d ago

Hopefully it has some shmups like UN Squadron, Mars Matrix and Carrier Airwing.

9d ago
harmny9d ago

capcom game of thrones. thats what it is

ILostMyMind9d ago

A beat em up Capcom Game of Thrones, like old times.

UnSelf9d ago

A true mvc2 sequel and not that dumbed down, infinite combo crap mvc3 was.

thejigisup9d ago

MvC2 is one of their best games to date. Mvc3 and infinite we're no where near as good

Hardiman9d ago

"I wanna take you for a ride" that song is still stuck in my head. One of my absolute favorite fighting games ever!

remixx1169d ago

Well if you were to take the infintes out of marvel 3 it'd be one amazing ass game

DarXyde9d ago

I think you mean "Magneto vs Capcom."

MvC2 was a great game, but this is from the pre-patch era and that game was broken AF.

reyray07099d ago

Marvel 3 is literally the last great Capcom fighter lol. Not many games can boast being showcased at EVO for 7 straight years.

UnSelf9d ago

Mvc2 been at evo a historic 18 years in a row

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BadElf9d ago

Aww :(. No Zack and Wiki 2....

darthv729d ago

Zack and Wiki are so unappreciated in their time.

theshredded9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I'd take anything even a teledubbies fighter from Capcom over MK 11

thejigisup9d ago

Teletubbies bro, don't make me send lala out for a corrective action

KwietStorm9d ago

If you want Nickelodeon vs Capcom just download Mugen on your PC. Don't have to pay anything at all.

thejigisup9d ago

I would pay good money for a Nickelodeon vs Capcom

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The story is too old to be commented.