Electronic Arts: Stock Drops on Lowered Guidance

Video game publisher Electronic Arts (ERTS) just hasn't been able to find its stride ever since the new game console units came out two years ago. The company discounted the marketability of the Wii, leaving R&D woefully behind for the social phenomenon.

Its heralded franchise games (that flat-out print money every year) have also failed to make up for the largely flop-ridden new lineup that the company has floated over the past three years. Even the company's biggest strength in the past - having a bigger piggy bank than all the competitors - has faded as Activision Blizzard (ATVI), Disney (DIS), and Microsoft (MSFT) are all throwing money at video game publishing, which is now a bigger market than the global movie business.

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Senden4031d ago

It's called Karma.. serves them right really for releasing so many half assed games.. for every decent EA game, there is at least 6 crap games. Not to mention, their shoddy business practices with ingame advertising and their (imo) barely videos they release on xbl with fmv sequences which have very little to do with the actual gameplay which they use to lure morons under false pretenses that their graphics are pure eye candy.

Hopefully ubisoft will follow suite and also start going downhill!

SaiyanFury4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

While I don't hope for the death knell of either company, I think you're right. In a lot of ways, EA has some really shady dealings going on, and in some ways doesn't seem to really try anymore. They swallow up companies like a black hole and often times shuts those companies down. Then they offer little in the way of innovation half the time, with mediocre updates to their sports franchises. There is some good news out of all the grey; games like Dead Space are fun and original and will keep you dreading going around every new corner where something might jump out and claw at you. As for Ubi, I don't play a lot of their games, but I do think that sometimes they also rest on their laurels. I hope both companies wise up and start thinking about gamers' interests instead of their own.

And one more thing to EA: Stop with the damned draconian DRM. It doesn't help your cause as was the case with Spore. It didn't stop piracy, it increased it and Spore went onto becoming the most pirated game in history. Even people who WANTED to pay for it started downloading it just to get around the stupid DRM. Learn from Spore, EA or your downturn will only continue, at least on the PC.