TechRadar review: The fastest desktop PC in the world

YoYotech Fi7epower MLK1610 review

Officially the fastest PC of all time - with overclocked Core i7 awesomeness

This is the fastest desktop PC in the world

The amazing £4,000 beast you see here has been configured with one simple purpose in mind: to break the world record in the benchmark that many consider to be the de facto metric of overall CPU performance, SPEC CPU2006.

And has it pulled it off? Your bet your ass it has – it's officially the fastest desktop PC ever built, and it's absolutely jaw dropping.

To pull this off it requires no less than 1GB of system memory for each logical CPU.

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gusto4036d ago

Now my Christmas list is complete :)

pp4036d ago

So does this make the Cell processor obsolete.

DevastationEve4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

yes...but pc gaming is dying too. im sorry im just not going to build a beast of a machine like this just so i can pray that my console favorites will a) be compatible with it and b) run decently on it.

please help us out here devs! get us those damned AAA PC games!

pp4036d ago

Hahahahaha rejoice everyone Even Sony are in discussion with Intel for the next processor for ps4.

Rhythmattic4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Fistly, Thats all speculation... As for Cell , Just type IBM Blade into google.

No supper for you tonight.

Fishy Fingers4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

What are you even on about? You dont know do you. Stick to console news.

Algullaf4036d ago

ooh really u have money 4 that pc i dont think u have money to buy a game bcz all the time just u trolling or maby ur 360 got rrod?

JohnCarpenter4035d ago

"Officially the fastest PC of all time" is stupid. Maybe till now...