Nioh 2: Here's 7 Ways Team Ninja can stand apart from Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

With Sekiro out in the world, what does Nioh 2 have to do to keep pace with FromSoftware?

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Kabaneri531d ago

Sekiro's combat, art direction, enemy variety and level design are far superior to Nioh's imo.

killswitch80531d ago

Nioh had some decent level designs the issue for me is having a screen that select stages instead of it all being connected. I really hope they just make one big connected area or at least less separated stages.

MeteorPanda531d ago

Nani? Nioh had 3 styles per weapon and had more interesting item hunting.

Theyre pretty different and sekiro is very niche and is pure katanarama

AspiringProGenji531d ago

Sekiro has all those styles as well but you need to pull them off yourself insteas of selecting them. Sekiro’s combat is far superior

LoveSpuds531d ago

Sekiro's combat is better in my opinion too, but far superior is slightly hyperbolic. Nioh is still a fantastic game.

AspiringProGenji531d ago

Lol disagress

From Soft is apex predator when it comes to The souls formula. They created it, and Sekiro is the superior game in any way. I loved Nioh but Sekiro is just something else

zacfoldor531d ago

I don't believe that at all. Sekiro had very simple reaction based combat. I think Nioh had better combat, and I know it has better multiplayer since Sekiro doesn't have any at all. To each their own opinion though.

Hungryalpaca531d ago

They’re not the same kind of game.

rebeljoe14531d ago

But it’s trash, no one likes it. For a FromSoft game it’s absolutely a disaster in the sales numbers cause it has no weapons and way too hard for the average dark souls player without coop. It’s sucks basically

starchild531d ago

Speak for yourself. It's my favorite From Software game to date. Focusing on a single weapon allowed them to make the combat more skill based and encounters far more balanced. It's one of my favorite games of all time.

LoveSpuds531d ago

It may not be as good as Bloodborne or DarkSouls, but Sekiro is still a stellar title in my opinion. I completed it, albeit, with a few bumps in the road and I loved everything about it.

zacfoldor531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I won't call the game trash. I disliked the combat. I missed the multiplayer, but I like/love the game. Just not my fav. I don't think I will ever play it again. That was my big takeaway after I finished it. I said, "Will I ever play this again" and my answer was a resounding, "No." With other From titles I am usually excited to keep playing. I would be curious how many people who beat the game would say that they enjoyed it but will never touch it again, lol.

artsaber531d ago

Sekiro recycles bosses a bit too much to be honest. A dude you killed not so long ago is strolling around admiring the scenery. Lol.The art style is great though.

Edito531d ago

I think the two games are just different and that's it... I didn't think about Nioh not even once while playing Sekiro.

zacfoldor531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I agree with everything but combat. Sekiro's combat was weak compared to Nioh. So much weapon variety and fun was to be had in mastering the different weapons and that ki pulse was excellent. In Sekiro, I was hitting steel together over and over or parrying. I don't get any fun from Sekiro's combat, and only human interaction time comes into play. Frankly, it felt like quick time events, like I was playing Until Dawn or something. Not fun to me. Bloodborne and Dark Souls both had much better combat imho, but Nioh has the best.

Another way Nioh was better was its excellent online features.

Finally, Nioh also had more variety in the world, where separate stages were widely differentiated. In Sekiro I felt I was usually in the same place throughout the entire campaign.

I love both games. Sekiro's combat this time was not to my preference, and I much prefer Nioh in the combat and online department.

I do agree with killswitch80 that I wish the world was interconnected in Nioh. I got the distinct feeling that was done to save money. Hopefully with a bigger budget, they can create a more cohesive world.

Lord_Sloth531d ago

Zelda's combat, art direction, enemy variety, and level design are far superior to Mario Bros imo.

This is basically what you're saying. NiOh and Sekiro are very different games, they just both have a Japanese aesthetic.

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MoshA531d ago

It's already superior because when you die you return as the demon that killed you.

harmny531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I know a way they can stand out. Release it exclusively on the epic game store

killswitch80531d ago

pretty good chance the From Software project will be since they have been training personal on UE4.

harmny531d ago

Will the gaming community turn on from software when they do that?

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