Sony comes with 8 new PSP and PS3 bundles this Autumn

Today Sony announced 8 new bundles. 5 for the PS3 and 3 for the PSP. Click on read more find out which one.

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aaron234036d ago

5 Blu Ray movies and a PS3 for 449 euro

good price

robotnik4036d ago

I think Sony should bring the price down...

I predict this to happen June-July 2009. I can sense it.

Kain814036d ago

with the Lunch of KILLZONE2

ultimolu4036d ago

Oh they will, in due time.
Calm before the storm...

CBaoth4036d ago

price drop - ok my guess is 1-2 weeks before E3 just like they did with the ps2.

ON TOPIC: As a Sony supporter (I usually speak w/ my wallet not my tongue) I'm always disppointed by the lack of vision of their bundle packages. EVERY bundle should come with a game AND a movie. Sony trojaned BR inside a PS3, they won the format war, and they forget to include a movie now? It's a distinct advantage and the fact they don't exploit it at every chance is baffling. Include Cars w/ the LBP bundle, Gone in Sixty Seconds w/ the Motorstorm bundle, etc... That way, parents and casual gamers alike can be pleasantly informed of the ps3's capabilities. And include a tutorial. I brought over a friend (casual gamer) to show off its many functions. Lol, he was overwhelmed by the time I made it past the XMB bar.

Bazookajoe_834036d ago

But i do think that a price cut will come in the beginning of 2009. They will sell alot through the holliday with both good games and as a bluray player, when the boost of the holliday is cooling down they can lower the price.

whoelse4036d ago

Some very good bundles there. The LBP and Harry Potter one should be popular ;)

olivia4035d ago

i got word that it will drop when killzone 2 hits,it's not proven yet but its about 80 percent

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Capt CHAOS4036d ago

First micfosith and now phony. These two make me feel overdosed on game consoles.

Just give us flexible packages.. Console + 2 any 2 games for xxx. Console + 1 game for yyy. etc.

xhi44036d ago

be a better idea to make a SMALL price cut around the launch of God of War 3.......that will be huge!

Kain814036d ago

After seeing KILLZONE 2 and HEAVY RAIN i think that GOW3-trailer was all in IN-GAME ENGINE.
And there was a news that mentioned that GOW3 has graphics like Beowulf.

Bazookajoe_834036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I hope youre talking about the movie and not the game when you talk about beowulf. I think the god of war trailer was rendered, but i do believe that the final build of gow3 will be equal to that trailer :-)

Edit: Thank god, because the game is very meh.

Kain814036d ago

iam talking about the Movie with sexy Angelina ^^

Bob Dole4036d ago

That trailer was rendered but somebody saw the gameplay and said it was VERY close to the teaser.

RememberThe3574035d ago

He said (as well as others) that the game was supposed to be VERY close to the in-game engine. Knowing what the studio did with the other GoW gaming I would not be surprised.

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The story is too old to be commented.