Eurogamer: Gears of War 2 review at 2pm GMT

Eurogamer: Gears of War 2 review at 2pm GMT

As you may have heard, Microsoft is set to lift the embargo on Gears of War 2 reviews today at 2pm GMT, and we'll be ready with ours.

Developer Epic's second instalment in the third-person cover-based shooter series is due out this Friday, 7th November, and did well enough last week to make it into your Eurogamer Expo Top 10 at 8.

"8" has some significance for Gears, of course, as it was the score that Kristan gave it in our Gears of War review almost exactly two years ago.

So, has Epic done enough to push it a mark or two higher? Or has it gone backwards? Feel free to loiter on the Gears of War 2 gamepage for the next few hours until you can find out.

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pp4028d ago

AAA Perfect scores incoming.

2paclives4028d ago

I doubt it...epic still hjasn't fixed the robotic movement of the characters. That alone keeps it from being a perfect game.

Cheeky Gamer4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

10/10 in a game review doesn't mean the game is perfect. It means that the game is one of the best of its genre, if not the best.

EDIT: Wow, it seems people love to disagree just for the sake of it. Please, whoever disagrees, please enlighten me as to why. An exert from the Eurogamer review policy:

"Let us make absolutely clear that a 10 is not and probably never will be "the perfect game". There's always something criticisable about a game, however small."

There you go. Please, keep the disagrees coming.

InMyOpinion4028d ago

If you think the animations in Gears 2 are stiff you should stay away from Resistance 2.

Shane Kim4028d ago

Actually Jenzo, if you had done your monthly eye check, you would have known that R2 has very fluent character movement.

MiloGarret4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

1 hour and 18 min from NOW.

And WTF!? They gave Gears1 an 8? That's rough man.

Drealmcc0y4028d ago

Massive Damage Control is incoming, from either the PS3 or 360 fanboys, depending on these scores, today is going to be a day to remember lol

MiloGarret4028d ago

9/10, good score. The guy reviewing it fell in love with a rockworm, "burn your companion cubes!". Lol...

Cheeky Gamer4028d ago

Given the overwhelmingly positive previews that Eurogamer has posted with regards to Gears of War 2, they are sure to give the game at least a 9/10.

In fact, I'm rather sure Eurogamer is going to give Gears of War 2 10/10, which is obviously a great achievement.

krakdol4028d ago

Yeah, it's quite an achievement to get 10 from a MS fanboy site like eurogamer who gives 10 to every MS exclusive and 7 to each PS3 exclusive which are ranked 95+ everywhere else. /sarcasm

Drealmcc0y4028d ago


they gave the original gears an 8, your the biased one

Maxned4028d ago

Give me one example of how Eurogamer is a "360 fanboy."

You mean when they give LittleBigPlanet a 9/10? (I think).

You know, a game cannot be perfect. LBP has flaws. They are very teeny flaws, but they are still stopping LBP, and other games from being PERFECT.

Perfect means a game has no flaws.

krakdol4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Ms exclusives always get better than metacritic average ratings on eurogamer, and Sony games always lower than metacritic average.

Therefore, this site is biased. This is no rocket science.

Only a fanboy can't see it, I use cold hard facts, do the maths.

LBP is only one example among 100s. MGS, Motorstorm, any PS3 game is rated lower than metacritic average. Fable 2 got 10 there too, and it's not even AAA on metacritic. (89 %) Other example : Valkyria Chronicle (80 vs about 90 % on metacritic, but yeah it's PS3 exclusive ^^)

So yeah, we should really care about their opinion.

Edit : ah ah ah just went on their front page : Molyneux interview, new Xbox xperience (lol @ Miis ripoff), Gears of wars 2, so yeah it's not biased at all

Nothing about Home, LBP (96 % on metacritic > gears or halo 3) ?

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name4028d ago

Once again, if there's a countdown for a review, there's a 0% chance of it not being a positive one.

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The story is too old to be commented.