God of War, One Year Later: Santa Monica Studio Thanks the Fans

Celebrate the upcoming one-year anniversary of God of War with a new PS4 theme (available today) and avatar set (available April 17).

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Nyxus9d ago

Downloaded and installed the theme. :)

8d ago
ArchangelMike9d ago

Oh, Thank You for all your hard work and dedication. Your passion and talent produced one of the best games ever. Keep up the good work.

ROFU4559d ago

We are the one should thank you because you guys made an outstanding achievements.

TGGJustin9d ago

GOTG currently and well deserving of the 200+ GOTY awards. Can't wait for the next one.

Outsider-G9d ago

Love the dynamic theme! :)

Thank you for making such an amazing game. Good times thinking about this game everyday before release. Talking to friends and what we can expect from a new chapter. Looking forward to the next game in the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.