FromSoftware, It’s Time To Do Something Different Now

FromSoftware’s considerable talent deserves to be applied to other styles of games too.

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Nitrowolf29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

They should go make another Armored core

I know they said they’re working on one

VenomUK9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

GamingBolt. You're asking the experts of a much loved, highly reviewed and good-selling genre to give it up and do something different. Perhaps the studio will grow their teams, but if you don't enjoy their games then maybe just don't buy them as there is a huge player base who loves them! It's like somebody complaining that the EA Vancouver keep making FIFA football games and wanting them to stop so they can go make an RPG.

Unspoken9d ago

A next gen Armored Core should be be up next.

SkatterBrain9d ago

I Wanna Create my Own Mech Again, i miss those games

UltraNova9d ago

From soft should take on games like DMC and Bayonetta, show em who's boss...

AnthonyDavis9d ago

Nope. I want a BB2 first and then a Dark Souls 4.

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starchild9d ago

I think Sekiro is already pretty different from the SoulsBorne games. Sure, there are some common elements, but also many differences.

harmny9d ago

It's the same game at it's core. A fps battle Royale would be different

8d ago
twiggytree128d ago

Agreed, I went into Sekiro with a Dark Souls mindset and I was getting rekt.

garos828d ago


In terms of gameplay they are COMPLETELY different.

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SkatterBrain9d ago

Armored Core + Ace Combat crossover

Tapani8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It's time for Gamingbolt to do something different and write an interesting non-clickbait article!! From Software is not taking notes from you, luckily.

SharnOfTheDEAD8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It's time for...... FROM SOFTWARE WARRIORS. lol

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ArchangelMike9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

A FromSoft FPS? Or a FromSoft RTS? What about a FromSoft football game? Or wait, a FromSoft racing game?

You see, the more you think about it, the more it seems like a naff idea. They need to major on what they do best, but on doing it bigger and better.

Myst-Vearn9d ago

I don't know, talented developers can sometime be stuck doing the same thing over and over just because it's selling well. For example, wouldn't it have been a waste of talent had Guerrilla just kept on making Killzone but bigger and better? we would never have gotten Horizon Zero Dawn . I think From Software are more than capable of making an amazing game that is very different from their usual Souls games style.

sinspirit9d ago

Strange how CoD devs do the same exact thing with slight alterations that aren't hard to code. But, FromSoftware fully exploring the ins and outs of their gaming style with more variation and innovation apparently brings this issue up

Wolffenblitz9d ago

Think about what you just said.

FromSoft Football game.... *slide tackle*


guacman889d ago

I haven't logged in on this site in idk how long......I did just to tell you that your comment is gold asf😂

porkChop9d ago

To be fair, From have a long history well before the Souls-like genre came around. It's not like Souls-like games are the only thing they can do or are known for. Even within the RPG genre there are many things they could do that aren't Souls-likes.

Ultimately, I think they should do what they actually want to do. But I'm definitely interested in seeing something else from them.

rand09d ago

Or an RPG, just totally different. Like what CDPR is doing with Cyberpunk from Witcher, but hopefully stays in 3rd person LOL.

rainslacker9d ago

Obviously from software would be best suited for a Facebook style social game involving the raising of demonic farm animals.

Z5019d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Did Gamingbolt ask this of 343 Studios for example.

harmny9d ago

Bigger and better? One of the reason they succed is the games are not big and good enough. Bigger and better would require more budget, more resources. They should keep doing what they're doing. Unless people want to spend $100 instead of $60

Eidolon9d ago

Kinda like Guerilla Games making the RPG of the Year when all they were known for were FPS? ..

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AceRimmer3029d ago

Why??? I don't care for Souls-like games, but millions of others do. They've created their own genre, the games sell well and there's still demand. Why 'fix' what ain't broken?

Myst-Vearn9d ago

They don't have to never ever make a Souls game again, but there is nothing wrong with trying something new. Who knows, Souls fans might find yet another series they love?

shadowraiden9d ago

but sekiro is far from a souls game people just think it is after seeing a tiny bit of footage.

SkatterBrain9d ago

millions really, how many Controllers get broken in Rage Quits from unforgiving games

nitus109d ago

Maybe if they "git gud" those people would not have to rage quit. 😊

After all, think of those poor broken controllers.

goldwyncq9d ago

"Why fix what ain't broken?"

Because not doing so leads to stagnation, and stagnation eventually leads to a marginal decrease in quality. It's why games like Call of Duty are churned out every year -- sure they make money and a lot of people still play them but they are entirely devoid of risk and creativity.

These type of games don't have to disappear entirely, but there should be room for other types of games from them. Heck, even Miyazaki hinself thinks so and wants to flex his creatively muscles and develop a story-driven game, which would be a huge departure from his previous projects.

nitus109d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Well, they could make a "souls like" RPG that has more randomness in their enemy type, their placements and "drops". Basically in all the Souls/Borne games when you die or refresh yourself at a bonfire or lantern the same enemy with minor exceptions will appear in pretty much the same place. Of course, the exception may be the drops from a defeated enemy which are "sort-of" randomized.

The problem with making a story-driven RPG is the fact that once you as the player compleat it unless it is an exceptional game with some randomized events then it has very little replay value. Now contrast to say Dark Souls or even Bloodborne which have a light-on story but can be extremely challenging giving them high replayability. These games also have branching pathways such if you don't follow a particular path you won't see it. or a particularly important item may be got in different places depending on how you unfold events.

A Dark Souls 3 example is the Siegward of Catarina and Anri of Astora stories.

A Bloodborne example is the different places (I am aware of three) where you can get the "Tonsil stone" which will give you access to the Lecture Building 1st Floor. I actually got a female giving me the stone on one occasion.

Imortus_san9d ago

All From Software games are broken on console, since they all have terrible pacing and frame rate issues.

Segata8d ago

Did you ever play their games prior to Souls? They were pretty varied in games and they were awesome. No reason they can't continue making SOuls like but I'd love it at the same time if they made Armoed Core,Ninja Blade,Otogi,Kings Feild,Frame Gride, Spriggan Lunar Universe,Shadow Tower,Eternal Ring aqnd even platformers like Cookies & Cream. They made so much stuff. They are too talented to be limited to one genre really.

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thatguyhayat9d ago

Im pretty sure they're teasing an open world like like rockstar

averagejoe269d ago

They're not. He just responded to an interview question saying he'd be interested in making one some day.

thatguyhayat9d ago

Aah i see. Makes sense. They have few games and a sequel in development

porkChop9d ago

They're not actually making it. That's just something they'd like to do some day. Which I would love to see. A sandbox open world from FromSoftware could be incredible.