Yet Another Waggle Fest? Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Wii Review

Iran White writes:

Apparently Lucas Arts figured that people who care anything about graphics would buy an HD version of the game; that they were doing us a favor by giving us a PS2 quality version on the Wii. But such an attitude is disrespectful to Wii owners. It is the same attitude as the other lazy developers who've capitalized on the Wii's large install base and easy/cheap to develop for reputation. If there is one thing that Wii owners are tired of it's "tired" PS2 quality ports.

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morganfell4036d ago

Standard Wii fare:

"As for Gameplay, this game would be a button masher – if it wasn’t a waggle fest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun; and if you decide to play with finesse you can to a certain degree. But the truth is, it gets easier and easier to just waggle the Wii remote in the way we all detest since it gets the job done just as well. The quarter second delay or so between waggle and actual execution of the input is just annoying. I didn’t even use my Light Saber much anymore once I’d leveled up my lightning powers to the level 4 max."

TruthbeTold4035d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's "Standard fare" most games at least get the controls right.

dib8rman4035d ago

Yep, this is one of the prettiest suckiest Wii games, the controls were putrid for the light saber, the force techs were ok though, but when you play the HD version you can do so much more with the moves so even the nice feel of pushing with the Nunchuk to get the force push leaves a underwhelming taste of a water boiled mushroom.

TruthbeTold4035d ago

The HD versions sucked pretty bad as well. The looked better and played slightly worse considering that the Light Saber in these games is pretty much a non-issue since no one wants to use it.