Days Gone - Day One Patch & Install Size confirmed, plus Press Kit images

The Day One Patch, Install Size and more is confirmed for Days Gone.

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Spenok800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

67 for the Digital it says, I wonder what it would be for the physical. If at all different.

4kgk76800d ago

67gb is a lot of space but expect for a big open world 30 hour game.

800d ago
lipton101800d ago

There’s open source development tools available, you know. I challenge you to assemble a team and create something better. I’ll wait.

Ding800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

4kgk767h ago
67gb is a lot of space but expect for a big open world 30 hour game.

Not really, using Sony's FP16 for graphic could massively increase HDR 10 to HDR 16, aka the Wide Colour Pallette from RGB 888, also bumping the res from 1920x1080 /HD to checkerboard [2x2 x 1920x1080=] 3840x2160/Ultra HD could also hammer the storage, even for PS 4/1080p + HDR.

When Guerilla Cambridge was doing KZ SF, Sony told them they "only" had 4GB of RAM, however this is 8x the total RAM in the PS 3. KZ 3 only did 720p however the install size was 41GB... To keep parity with RAM/Storage even with 4GB, the game should have been [41x 8=] 324GB.

Sony gave GC a 180GB disk image to emulate a state-of-the-art 8K Bluray disk, even though the target render was only 1080p, as expected GC smashed that disk image and the game grew to a whopping 290GB ... So Sony

============================= ====
Blu-ray disc
The read-only optical drive reads Blu-ray discs at 6× constant angular velocity for a maximum read speed of 27 MB/s – a significant upgrade from the PS3's 2× speeds that were capped at 9 MB/s.[52][54]

To further enhance optical drive performance, the PS4 features a hardware on-the-fly zlib decompression module (a special piece of hardware used to quickly decompress the data on the Blu-ray disc, which has been compressed to save space and bandwidth), allowing for greater effective bandwidth, whilst at the same time, the console continuously caches data onto its hard disk, even buffering unread data when a game is not actively accessing the optical drive, forming part of Sony's PlayGo strategy.[31]

added a ZLIB on-the-fly decompression module awa

Auxiliary processor
PS4 includes a secondary ARM processor (with separate 256 MiB of RAM) to assist with background functions and OS features.[53]

a secondary ARM processor with its own 256MB onboard RAM to take care of the OS/tasks in the background. Result..

that 290GB was compressed to under 40GB via Sonys PlayGo tech, which is a 7+:1 compression, making that original 180GB worth at least [x7] = 1.26TerraByte. Relatively speaking we don't know what actual size PS 4 exclusives are.

T2X800d ago

I disagree. left out two crucial details.... one, is never get involved in a land war in Asia. But second and only slightly less well known is never match wits with a Sicilian! Especially when death is on the line!!!

Orbilator800d ago

Doom is about 60gb and that's no 30 hour plus game lol

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Legatus800d ago

67gb, hell yeah can not wait to sink 50+ hours in this beauty. C'mon april 26th already!!

jagermaster619800d ago

Just because a game has a big install size does not mean it will be big game, half of it could be patches and other things but who knows.

mafiabrett800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

They already hinted at a avg 25-30 hour story, with many more if you're a completionist. So he's right to say 50 hours. Possibly more

Legatus800d ago

I'm planning to platinum this game and since normal playthrough last around 30 hours, i will for sure spend 50 hours into it. Also, yes 67gb for an open world game means it's pretty big game.

sampsonon800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

Sony always means quality . it just does.

nucky64800d ago

going by the last 20+ years, i'd say you're correct!

MasterCornholio800d ago

They slip up every once in a while but in general Sony’s 1st party games are a safe bet.

jznrpg800d ago

Nobodys perfect but they do have a good collaborative culture with their studios and it definitely helps them to succeed more times than not .

Darknova2077800d ago

These day one patches really have to stop. Why do games need a day one patch. They should be finished by release day!

Orbilator800d ago

I'm sure it's because of physical media. If we didn't have disks I'm sure there would be no day one patch. Although the probably make us all download the patch after downloading the game lol

IRetrouk800d ago

Games are printed weeks before release, sometimes longer, day 1 patches are usually stuff they have worked on while the discs were being printed, no way to get it to the game other than with a patch.

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