Find the "Real" Gears of War 2 Cogs before the "Last Day"


"Gears of War 2 is almost here. To celebrate the release, 7 COGs have been placed around Australia in secret locations as well as 7 in EB Games retailers, 2 virtual COGs on the EB Games Australian Website and another 5 virtual COGs on These metal COGS allow you to unlock the secrets behind the epic back story of Gears of War 2. There's only 1000 of these to be found in the world guys, and only 50 in Australia and New Zealand!

Physical COGs are marked with unique codes that when punched into the Gears of War website unlock content that tells the epic story between the conclusion of Gears of War and Gears 2. Each time one of these COGS is found a new part of the 'Last Day' story will be revealed on the Gears of War website."

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XboxOZ3604033d ago

I've seen 2 but they were given away at the Black Beta night in Sydney when CLiff Bleszinski was there. They look really cool and the boxes they are in really do set them off. Shame there's only 50 for Aust/NZ. You can bet your bottom dollar some will end up on eBay, that's a given.

Acj23234033d ago

this is a really cool idea, it will get everyone hyped up for the game, and if it wasn't for the hype and the mad world trailer i would of never been interested in gears of war.

gaminoz4033d ago

I actually think that the hype was the only reason I got the original, but I was not expecting it to live up to it. I really was impressed.

This time because I have higher expectations I'm worried the hype will make me feel least I know I won't be as disappointed as I was with Alone in the Dark! Man the hype was wrong on that one.

As for the cogs...would be nice, but needles in haystacks aren't my thing. Just give us the nice cogs with the LE version! They can be 'bronze' versions or something if there has to be really rare ones.

XboxOZ3604032d ago

Yep, agree . . Give me a limited number through the CE' and have the LE's with some stuff . . And these for the die-hards who want to dig around Sydney to find TWO COG's . . Two, not 20, 10 or even 5, just TWO . . .

Sydney is an F'n big place . . hope the hints in the Facebook page help localize it . . but you'll know if other "boxers" are out on the prowl once the info is out. They'll be the ones with hoodies, gothic looking pales skinned people with hunched shoulders from years huddling over a PC or console . .

As much as love collectors things, this one leaves me a bit flat . .

Hunter864032d ago

Interesting marketing. Would be awesome to find one.

GrathiusXR4032d ago

Even though it isn't anything majorly great i reckon its good what they are doing for the Aussie Community.

Even though it's not something great there will still be those who will participate in it just to have a great time!

GrathiusXR4032d ago

Im not one for stuff like this but heck seems like a great time waster. Nothing like hyping up gears2 some more for it's release this Friday!


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