Used Game Market Not the Problem, Lack of New Purchase Incentive the Real Issue

Ripten writes: "Look, I've been reading a heap of articles lately citing both the Eurogamer and 1up sit down with Frontier Developments' founder, David Braben, and I simply couldn't take it anymore.

For those of you that missed the hoopla, Braben's gripe is that the used game market will eventually kill the single player aspect of games and force all developers to focus instead on multiplayer due to its high replay factor. While I agree that multiplayer does offer a much higher replay value, I certainly don't agree with his proposed fix."

Ripten's Chad Lakkis proceeds to share his thoughts on what developers should be focusing on instead of creating non resale game alternatives.

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Twizlex4031d ago

Yes, give me more swag with games and I'd be more likely to buy new. I usually just rent anyways unless I know I'll really enjoy a game.

Nostradavis4031d ago

I agree. Free stuff would make me buy it new but the game still needs to be good. If I don't walk away with a "wow that was awesome I want to remember that forever" feeling, chances are I will sell the game eventually.

Sandwich Bender4031d ago

It pisses me off whenever developers complain about the used game market. I know they work hard on their games and I usually don't mind giving them my hard earned cash, but I play a lot of games and I can't afford to slap down $60 for everything I play. And this time of the year is the greatest example with so many good games coming out.

Nostradavis4031d ago

that's it you are going to jail.

greeneggsnsam4031d ago

I tend to buy new only if I'm really anticipating the game.

Nostradavis4031d ago

yeah but beyond buying it new what would convince you to keep it and never resell it?

Nostradavis4031d ago

Would you honestly ever keep a game and not sell it regardless of what came with it?