Wreck-It Ralph World Coming to Kingdom Hearts Union X

Kingdom Hearts Union X players can expect to visit a Wreck-It Ralph world after and upcoming update.

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wraith99991625d ago

kh3 somewhere punching the air rn lmao still no DLC announced


Kingdom Hearts UX Ending Reveals and Questions for the Future

Kingdom Hearts UX has ended, and there's been a lot to process. Just as you'd expect though it throws more about the future of Kingdom Hearts into question.

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-Foxtrot842d ago

The fact they've tied all this into the Kingdom Hearts story we've been playing on consoles, with the final one coming out a couple years back, is ridiculous...why keep adding onto a story you've ended but even then had so much to explain.

They even used some of the UX plot points in Kingdom Hearts 3, something the ending hinted at where the next story will go which they shouldn't because it means people are going to be equally confused about them talking about certain characters / plot points from a game like this.

They should just start fresh.

Inverno842d ago

KH 3 should've ended with Xehanort wiping out all the world's as they wrote it in what little story there was in the game. That way they could've rebooted the series which it needs at this point

gold_drake842d ago (Edited 842d ago )

tbh, i watched the ending a couple days ago and it was the usual Nomura clusterfuck lol nothing gets answered, but we're left with even more questions. but im.so fking glad its over.

and agreed. this aint surface level. only hardcore fans know the story of unchained.

-Foxtrot842d ago

His shitty writing ruined the Final Fantasy VII Remake aswell, the entire last part of the game, the whole Whispers of Fate crap had Kingdom Hearts written all over it.

If he just did a remake reimagining off the bat and said in interviews before release "Yeah it's a remake but also a reimagining, this is like a parallel world which allows us to do a few new things here and there" rather than revolving the majority of the game around a plot point which is trying to establish this, then the games writing wouldn't have suffered.

gold_drake842d ago

mmmh yes and no.
95% of the remake was brilliant. the last bit was batshit crazy thats true lol it did remind me of kh alot, but the rest of the game, for me, was amazing. if thats what they can do with it, then im happy enough.

cant say that the writing was off cause the english localisation is wastley different from other languages. i played it in german aswell and that was a completely different game from what the english localisation was lol.

but i absolutely agree on the kh bs. that was the first thing i thought about when fighting the harbinger. like wtf ha.

but he wont be as involved in part two.


Ranking the Kingdom Hearts Games from Worst to Best

From Xfire: "Spread out across nearly a dozen different consoles and nearly two decades, there have been quite a number of Kingdom Hearts games released, and let's just say that the quality of the games can vary greatly depending on who you ask."

DrewMetals948d ago

I'd have to disagree with this. Kingdom hearts 3 is far from the best in my opinion, and I actually liked chain of memories' combat more than the combat for KH2.

Inverno948d ago

Easy to rank. Start with KH3 and move backwards. Then it's CoM, 2, and 1 being the best.


The Colossal Kingdom Hearts III Soundtrack Is Finally Available To Buy

Almost two years after the game was released, the Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack has finally been officially released.

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