Gears of War 2 Reviews Imminent

Gameplayer are reporting on the exact time that the Gears of War 2 review embargo lifts for all the major sites. And have looked to get the excitement building with a range of Gears related reads.

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PirateThom4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

7 hours.

No matter what happens, I predict massive amounts of tears, calls of bribery and fanboyism from one side or the other.


For kicks, we should post predicted reviews from IGN, Eurogamer, 1Up and Shamespot. Whoever is spot on, or closest for all 4 wins the respect of their peers.

SuperM4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

IGN: 9.4
1up: A
Eurogamer: 10
Gamespot: 9.5
Gametrailers: 9.7

There you go, added gametrailers aswell

FOXDIE4028d ago

haha thats exactly what I would expect from these sites :)

FCC4028d ago

SuperM... you were scarily damn close to actual...

IGN: 9.5
1up: A
Eurogamer: 90 only one you weren't remotely close to, surprising too.
Gamespot: N/A
Gametrailers: 95

fufotrufo4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

dunno..what to expect ..but straight from Ncroal's (sony lover) twitter account:

"Credits just rolled on Gears 2. This bromantic action title could be the "Top Gun" of videogames."


PirateThom4028d ago

Unless you hate Top Gun, like I do. :-/

Heh, "bromantic".

fufotrufo4028d ago

hahaa i hate it too..but Its freakign Dom and Marcus ..its accepted

PirateThom4028d ago

Yeah, I guess, and they don't walk around wearing only towels, which is always a bonus.

baum4028d ago

"but Its freakign Dom and Marcus ..its accepted"

Who cares? Their storyline is about as interesting as that of Hulk Hogan and the undertaker. You have to be a fanboy to really just "accept" a storyline even before you have played the game.

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Imallvol74028d ago

Finished the game yesterday.

I give it a 9/10.

Graphics . . . AWESOME.

Gameplay . . . AWESOME.

Story . . . mediocre. . . .

Ending . . . HORRIBLE

I almost considered giving it a 8.9 due to the fact the end is so bad.

TheColbertinator4028d ago

Excuse me! Make sure to edit your post.I'm sure SPOILER ALERT needs to be included in your post

theEnemy4028d ago

"Story . . . mediocre. . . .

Ending . . . HORRIBLE "

Why is that a spoiler ?

That is his Opinion.

pp4028d ago

I'm looking forward to all those perfect scores to come in soon and the sound of all the droids crying in the background.

aaron234028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

89% for Fable 2 longer AAA

check MGS4 and LBP ---both got most amount of perfect scores

LBP is 96% at metacritic > all x360 exclusive games

as for Gears 2 --90 from OXM
91 from XBOX WORLD

and 5/5 from Gamepro( Resistance 2 will also get that)

GOTY 08??

even XBW and OXM gave Fallout3/Fable 2 and other games better scores than Gears 2

u mean GOATY since the game is GOAT SH**

pp4028d ago

Someone is Jealous.

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The story is too old to be commented.