New Shenmue III Screenshots Show the Glorious Forklift, the Prize Echange, Locations, and More

Here are a few new screenshots shared by Shenmue III Director Yu Suzuki, and the recording of a panel hosted in Croatia.

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Veneno685d ago

The forklift? Really? They're bringing back the worst part of the game?

Vandamme21685d ago

Boy, you crazy. The forklift was mad fun.

Abriael685d ago

It's ok to be wrong, man.

Ready4nxtgen685d ago

Dont disrespect a ground breaking moment in game bro smh..

Veneno685d ago

Lolol pathetic. I'm very sure all of you showed off how awesome your DC was back in the day by making all your friends play that part. Looks like we know who will be giving Shenmue 3 the Anthem treatment.

jeromeface685d ago

show this user how wrong they are with downvotes

Veneno685d ago

It's cool man. People like crap like anthem too. I still very much enjoy the Shenmue story but to say that the forklift sessions were good you'd have to be pretty delusional.

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timotim685d ago

Yu rocks a Surface Book! Nice.

AK91685d ago

Awesome what about the lifting job from 2? That was surprisingly fun.

GtPawnSacrifices685d ago

Looks better each time I see it.
Any word on how big it is? Size/Hours?