2404: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

2404 writes: "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway finally gets it right. What right, exactly? The story. Gearbox's third entry into their innovative (I'm being serious here) tactical WW II shooter tells a gripping, emotionally resonant narrative that really might conjure tears from the more sensitive. There's a weird trade-off that comes with this, though. For all the improvements in storytelling, the tactical gameplay that was so prominent in the first two games is significantly downplayed. The game attempts to find a compromise between straight shooter and authentic squad-based tactics, but the results are somewhat mixed. Still, Hell's Highway is by far my favorite out of the three and almost all of that is attributed to its excellent and heart-wrenching tale of Matt Baker's road through the hellish fires of war.

The first two Brothers in Arms covered the initial invasion of Normandy, but Hell's Highway jumps several months into the war and starts right before Operation Market Garden. This ambitious plan had one singular goal in mind – end the war with one, massive strike right into the German heartland. If you've read up on the outcome of this operation, you will know Baker and his men are in for a lot of pain and emotional duress."

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