The Shadowed Halo: Issue #2

Games Are Evil drops Issue 2 of their continuing series exploring all things Halo. In this edition:

Adrian Marchisio breaks down the upcoming Turkey Day playlists for Halo 3, says 'good riddance' to a certain ranked playlist, nominates a thirsty character of the month, reminisces about the 2nd Cortana letter, and drools over the latest Halo art book.

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bgrundman4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

This is an awesome peek into the massive mythology of Halo. Awesome read!

killyourfm4027d ago

I've played all 3 games, and done the dutiful "download all DLC possible" thing...

And still, I had no clue about the Cortana letters until Adrian started writing for us.

bgrundman4027d ago

Yeah, you would be surprised the amount of lore that is not included in the games. Bungie has done a great job making the games have a very diverse universe

bgrundman4027d ago

This is a great read for all of the xbots out there... Ps3 fans need not apply. Does Halo make Ps3 fanboys cry?

killyourfm4027d ago

LOL! That's what you call an invite for flames...

I'll say this: Resistance 2 could make Halo fans cry...

bgrundman4027d ago

And you can be assured that it would have to got the other way as well. I look forward to seeing how well Resistance II does against the Gears of War II Juggernaut. It should be interesting :)

Shadow5804026d ago

Thanks for the Praise guy's I'm in love with the Halo universe but I don't think I'm ready to call myself a fanboy...those are the people I point and laugh at :-P