Blind Squirrel was indeed working on Mortal Kombat Remaster but it was cancelled, first screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Back in December 2018, we informed you about the cancelled remakes of the first classic Mortal Kombat games. And while a lot of people believed that Blind Squirrel Games was working on new remasters for these fighting games, it appears that this remastered collection has also been cancelled."

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Casepb651d ago

I would have rathered that then MK11...

SoulClaw650d ago

because he is one of those "i rather play some retro because everything what is new is bad per se, just because I am pathetic" - morons.

jagermaster619651d ago

They could still work on it and release it at a later date. I'd totally buy it!

PurpHerbison651d ago

Bet the netcode would have been something AWFUL.

Anthotis651d ago

Would Sonya actually look female?

thatguyhayat651d ago

Would they also ignore the SJWs too

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The story is too old to be commented.