This is the fastest PC in the world

Powered by Intel's new £1,000 Core i7-965 Extreme Edition, the YoYotech Fi7epower MLK161 was configured with one purpose in mind: to break the world record in the benchmark that many consider is the de facto metric of overall CPU performance, SPEC CPU2006.

Thanks to Core i7's HyperThreading feature, that means a minimum of 8GB of extremely pricey high performance DDR3 memory is inside too. However, due to the novel triple-channel layout, the system actually packs 2GB plus 1GB per channel for a grand total of 9GB. So the CPU and memory alone have a face value cost of nearly £2,000.

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Kakkoii4026d ago

Just so people don't get confused...

This article may say "a minimum of 8GB DDR3 ram"

But you don't have to have 8GB. 3GB works just as fine. Just less memory.

SaiyanFury4025d ago

Yeah 8Gb only works if you have a 64-bit OS like XP or Vista 64. You can make paging files on your HDD as long as you have multiple partitions and increase your effective memory on top of hard RAM. Currently I have about 24GB of memory, and my PC benefits from it.

angel199x4026d ago

meh. I still love my core2 duo lol.

TheIneffableBob4026d ago

I just read some Core i7 reviews and, wow, this chip is a beast.

This will definitely be going in my computer when I build a new one probably by summer of 2009.

user39158004026d ago

I waste my time reading this crap, the fastest pc in the world. Ok. whats the spec? Useless article, just tell me what the speed is, not what it has configured, since it is useless mainly due to be able to always upgrade hardware.

moe844025d ago

Definitely not a waste of time. The article posted what the main speeds are. Which are what most users would care about. Processor speed, RAM count, HD, and video.

If you want more detailed specs, look up the I7.

Genki4026d ago

because there's a new "World's fastest PC" every few months. How is anyone expected to appreciate something like that unless they have short term memory loss?

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