Bjorn3D: FarCry 2 SLI Performance Review

B3D writes: "Many sites produced reviews on FarCry 2 as fast as they could. We decided to miss the initial rush of hurried reviews on FarCry 2 and SLI and opt for FarCry 2 on Core I7, specifically the "Big Dog", the Core I7 965 Extreme. Since we've had Core I7 in hand and we've been testing for some time now, we know that it is the future of computing. People will look back at Core I7 and think, "That's when computing really started to mature." By waiting for the NDA to lift on Core I7 and the Intel X58 chipset, we're able to bring you a fresh look at FarCry 2, SLI, CrossFire, the X58 chipset, and Core I7 all rolled into one. You know life is good when you're setting on the hottest platform and playing the hottest game with a couple of the fastest GPU's on the planet just aching to churn out frames so fast it'll make your head spin."

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