Bjorn3D: Intel Core I7 920 Review

B3D writes: "The wait is over, the new Intel Core I7 Quad (Nehalem) CPU's are ready for debut. The internet has been abuzz with rumors and speculation, information and misinformation. We're going to wipe out most of that speculation and rumor in one quick and painless swipe. We have the Core I7 920 Quad 2.66 GHz mainstream CPU on the test bench and we'll start out by answering the biggest question of all. They overclock. It was a true pleasure watching the CPU speed climb on this entry level Core I7 920. We had no problems driving the CPU well beyond its rated speed and it was so easy to OC the new CPU that within 5 minutes we had a nice stable OC."


+ Great Performance
+ Overclocks Really Well
+ Kicked the Q6600 To The Curb
+ Reasonable Temps
+ Reasonable Price
+ Very Stable
+ Easy OCing
+ Much Higher Video Encoding Performance Than Previous CPU's


- None

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