Digit-Life: ECS A780VM-M2 Motherboard Review

Digit-Life writes: "The phrase "office computers" is often used as a synonym for cheap PCs, which barely manage Word and Excel. But it's only a convenient cliche that mentions the fact that unlike home multimedia configurations, computers used in offices usually do not include gaming graphics cards and top processors. In fact, configuration of a computer at work often has no right to be outdated -- it must include a modern processor with two (or more) cores and just as many gigabytes of system memory in the very least. Not necessarily for some professional resource-intensive applications (although there are a lot of employees who need such computers), but for maximum responsiveness to user commands in a multitasking environment. Computers are quite inexpensive these days, which cannot be said about work time (monthly fee of an office employee is higher than the price of an office computer of a reasonably top configuration)."

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