iTWire Review: Fable 2

iTWire writes: "So much to do, so many decisions both big and small, Fable 2 expands on its forebear in scope, without taking away the soul of the original. Peter Molyneux and his Lionhead Studio team flirt with the dangerous when it comes to game design, but they pull it off in this classic RPG.

I have calmed down somewhat from my initial impressions of Fable 2 . But only a little, the sequel brings back and expands upon the original's virtues in a game that should become a classic.

Flirting with danger along the way, the Xbox 360's DVD drive whirs away almost constantly, and sometimes the ambition of Fable 2 leads to its unravelling, but so far the journey of my hero has been without major technical incident."

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Born2BK1NG4031d ago

Fable 2 FTW!!!! KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKIKI KI :) But seriousley, just give it a 10/10, it looks stupid to give it a 9.5/10...