Does Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Need to Be Better Than Mario Kart 8?

Kehl Bayern writes: "Regardless of the quality of the end result, almost every dev out there feels pressured to meet or exceed Nintendo’s classic karting games – even when remaking their own classic titles. But do they need to do that?"

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AngainorG7X530d ago

Not really, it just needs to be the CTR that we all played and loved.

anonymousfan530d ago

It'll likely be the undisputed best kart racer on non-nintendo platforms anyways :)

AnthonyDavis529d ago

Yep. Buying this game and I’ve never bought a MK game. MK is overrated.

BrettAwesome529d ago

Oh, is it? I'm first and foremost a PS gamer, but stating dumb shit like that simply comes across as ignorant and uninformed. A lot can be said about MK. It's unforgiving, super tight, frustrating, rewarding... but one thing it is not, is overrated. You might not like it, and that's ok. But if most everyone except for you holds a different opinion, then you're objectively wrong.

FallenAngel1984530d ago

Nope cut it’ll already be a great title

locomorales529d ago

No. Those kind of comparisions are made for and by Nintendo fans to pleasure themselves.

Ctr is better than mk64. The remaster isnt trying tô be better. Its just a nostalgia punch.

mcstorm529d ago

It's all each to there own I still perfer MK64 over CTR but that dose not mean its a bad game in any way shape or form. For me I want to see more kart games. I loved MNR (ps3) felt let down by the psv version with no mp. And also loved the all star games to. If we can get ktr back I'll take it as its all different types of experiences but a solid game to.

King_Noctis529d ago

Yet mostly only Nintendo haters comment on articles like this.

News flash, Nintendo fans don’t have to worry about anything. They can play BOTH MK8 and CTR on the Switch.

-Foxtrot529d ago

Just Nintendo haters? You forgot Nintendo die hards in that list.

Jaypi03529d ago

Not really, I don't think anyone has honestly been comparing either of the games besides this journalist. It doesn't need to be Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is good enough for people who want that, Crash is for people who want to relive the game, not play more Mario Kart.

AK91529d ago

No it just needs to be different but still fun which it is.

ILostMyMind529d ago

Only if both games are on the same platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.