Should You Buy an Astro C40 TR PlayStation Controller in 2019

This episode of the Bad Bit Games, host Joseph will be reviewing Astro's C40 TR PlayStation Controller. Astro Gaming’s first attempt to replicate the Xbox One Elite Controller, as a PlayStation Elite Controller equivalent. How does the Astro C40TR, rack up next to the likes of the Scruf Vantage Controller and Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Controller?

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TGG_overlord656d ago

Well, it sure looks as if it's worthy of a try at least (imo).

xX-oldboy-Xx656d ago

If they were available in Australia - yes.

CrimsonWing69656d ago

Do you have the money and want it? Then sure.

I personally am old school and don’t need a “pro controller” to play my games but I get there’s a crowd for it out there.