IGN influenced by Bethesda, Left 4 Dead best game this year? goes over the 5 biggest gaming stories of the week in this weekly article series. The IGN Fallout 3 review changes, Chrono Trigger Proposal, Left 4 Dead intro video and more are discussed.

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Zerodin4348d ago

Sony got caught with their hand in the cookie jar!

Volvobug4348d ago

I think so as well. I'd be willing to hear IGN's side of the story, though.

PirateThom4348d ago

I doubt it was anything to do with Sony, they didn't make it, they're not publishing it. They didn't defend first party games from technical problems, why defend a third party game? I think it's more likly to be Bethesda since it's their game and they're the ones with something to lose.

That said, it's been blown out of all proportion, bar the Notification freezing issue (which can be resolved by signing out of PSN), there's nothing wrong with the game.

aaron234348d ago

10 to Fable 2??

even a garbage game like Fable 2 got 10/10 from eurogamer

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Volvobug4348d ago

Still can't believe the PS3 outsold the 360. Seems to fly in the face of everything that other sources have said. Cool, though.

sonarus4348d ago

What sources? It was quite clear from the beginning PS3 has been outselling 360 why else would they cut prices twice without a response from sony

[email protected] L4D being best game of the yr though

gambare4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

I think this time microsoft focused too much in Japan and "lost" the rest of the world and Sony focused on the rest of the world and lost Japan but Japan has lost the interest in the big consoles and focused on handhelds and the PSP is dominating there.... maybe Sony is not doing it wrong afterall

ultimolu4348d ago

Lol, that's what I think happened. Microsoft is forgetting the rest of their territories. Watch Sony sneak in for the kill. Sony has a habit of using this tactic.

That's how they outsold the Dreamcast.

Xelai4348d ago

Sony has one very important thing going for it, brand, and, um, well, the horde of fanboys around the place, yep.

FCC4347d ago

sonarus... you underestimate the power of Valve and zombies and co-op... Remember CSS? Remember Half Life? Remember Half Life 2? Remember Portal? Remember TF2? I sure do, and I'm sure thousands of people playing on PC everyday play those games remember as well.

Since people claim that "PC gaming is dead" doesn't mean so. People always claim that it's doomsday for 360 or PS3 every other day. PC gaming will always be there, it'll never die out. It'll lose popularity but it'll never die out. You can find 2000+ servers on CSS. Even on HL2DM you can find 250+ servers.

I'm thinking half of you are pushing Left 4 Dead away for a couple reasons.

1. It's from Valve which means no PS3 love.
2. It's for PC, you think PC gaming is dead.
3. It has OK graphics, not wowing graphics. (Graphics isn't all of it.)

Have you seen gameplay videos? Have you seen the versus mode? It's phenomenal... I'm sure you'll be surprised when you see 90+ scores all around while I'll be expecting it.

Left 4 Dead will at least get Multiplayer GotY of 2008.
Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, LBP, Resistance 2, Gears 2, Fable 2, MGS4, GTA IV will all be contending for GotY. Left 4 Dead is my personal GotY.

All my friends are anticipating this game as well. Left 4 Dead splitscreen + 2 other buds online to co-op? GotY material right there.

Disagree all you want, can't argue with opinion. Scratch that, apparently you can, I've lost a bubble doing this before. If you guys are going to disagree, man up and reply.

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PrimordialSoupBase4348d ago

IGN is a despicable blemish on the gaming media.

RKRigney4348d ago

I've heard that any exclusive they get is essentially a paid-for-by-the-publisher deal. As in the good review scores get bought. I hope that's not true...

Timesplitter144348d ago

IGN certainly is better than most other big gaming websites. I'm sick of people hating on IGN just because they're big.

I've seen the difference between PS3 and X360 Fallout 3. And it's not even worth mentionning. It's worth that 0.2 they removed, and nothing more. The other sites are as unprofessionnal as ever and they compare without changing the TV settings, so the PS3 version looks more gray.

As for the bugs, well, all I've got so far is that when there's a friend logging in, the game pauses for 1 second. To correct this, you have to do the absolutely impossible task of pressing the ''sign out'' button.

Panthers4348d ago

IGN is the only site I listen too. They are better than any other site, however, I would take a friends word over any website.

tocrazed4you4348d ago

wow bethseda ASK THEM TO REMOVE IT NOT SONY sony doesn't care about third party developers that cheap scape them thats why they are foucisng all their financial stuff on the first party

RKRigney4348d ago

it'd still be wrong for bethesda to ask for them to remove it if it's true.

spectyre4348d ago

I don't know if I would consider it wrong. I don't own the game so I don't know personally, but from what I've read, the only issue is caused by the notifications from the PSN. Maybe the reviewer never thought to turn off his notifications and Bethsada simply pointed it out to them. If this is in fact the case, I really don't see the problem or the loss of integrity.

lokiroo4204347d ago

Except that the 360 and PC versions are just as bad.

MountainMaverick4348d ago

The original title had "Sony" in the place of "Bethesda" but I fixed it. Sorry about that! Carry on.

PirateThom4348d ago

I bet you were influenced by Sony to make this change!

MountainMaverick4348d ago

haha you got me there. They pay quite well.