Sea of Thieves Tall Tales 10-20 hours long, Features Cutscenes & More

Sea of Thieves Hub writes: "Sea of Thieves’ foray into story-driven content is the real deal – Tall Tales ‘Shores of Gold’ will contain 9 chapters, feature fully voice-acted and scored cutscenes, and will take roughly 10-20 hours to complete."

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DaDrunkenJester923d ago

Looking forward to trying it out

mark_parch922d ago

I was extremely disappointed at launch but I will definitely be jumping back in to give this and fishing a try

Sono421922d ago

I really hope this does turn out to be a big comeback, because the potential was there.. but 10-20?? why such a huge gap? the second number is literally double the first... is 10 hours of it cutscenes that are skip-able or what?

mark_parch921d ago

From what I've heard it revolves around a lot of puzzle solving so obviously times will vary a lot and there's also a lot of random stuff that can happen just travelling from one place to another.

nucky64923d ago

it sounds great - but, i wonder why they never had something like this when the launched the game? it would have saved them a lot of bad reviews.

sprinterboy923d ago

Yep to little too late imo, gamers move on fast these days

darthv72923d ago

that depends on the game. Ones that are linear are prone to people moving on quickly after they play them. Episodic or ones with evolving communities tend to keep players coming back as new updates occur.

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darthv72923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

People confuse how this game was designed with traditional games. This is considered more episodic than a build it and release it and move on type of game. It is built to have new expansions added periodically so those who were there from the beginning can experience the game evolving with each update.

Those who jump in now may get a more fleshed out experience but i'd imagine a lack of appreciation (that has gone into these updates) as well.

yomfweeee923d ago

I personally think that is a terrible way to do something, especially if you're charging full price up front. There's no guarantee a company will continue to push updates.

If you want to go that route, charge $20 to start with. Then you pay for major expansions.

aconnellan923d ago


Then you split the player base, because you’ll have less and less people that buy each update, a la every Battlefield/CoD game ever. Then your game dies because no one’s playing it

The only game I can remember with a healthy DLC population was Halo 3, and that’s because of how insanely popular it was, which is something that game devs should aspire to but it’s also a little unrealistic to expect

yomfweeee922d ago

I think SOT split the player base with a crap launch.

sprinterboy922d ago

They should have come out and said that then, dev1: hey gamers just to let you know the games bear bones at launch cause it gass, but we're going to finish it over the course of the gen with big updates. Gamer1: OK I'll pick it up 12/18 months from now.
The problem being don't charge full price at launch then, reflect that in your price say £24.99/$24 and guess what maybe gamers would actually buy the gass games then rather than go fuck that, not £50/$60, for a half finished game.
Examples: Anthem, NMS and SoT

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Sevir922d ago

It's no different than Destiny or The Division in their growing pains. This is basically their "Forsaken" esqe content drop.

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bacrec1923d ago

Is the game as a whole worth it now? I never gave it a shot.

DaDrunkenJester923d ago

Check it out on April 30th for $10 on gamepass... Or buy the 3 months for $1 going right now for GamePass

Bane35923d ago

Stop asking and try it for yourself

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