Guru3D: Philips amBX gamers kit review

Guru3D: "Right, I had a really fun time testing amBX. There's no need to make this a long conclusion, it's worth the money you spend on it. Fact remains, no matter how many peripherals you put into the kit, it's really all about the lights, these are the magic maker. And you might think, heck it's only a couple of lights, trust me when I say... it makes a distinction that you cannot grasp until you see it yourself. The rumble pad then, quite fun... but after a while you realize that you won't use it as an armrest so you move it away. It's still fun to notice some vibration here and there though. The ventilators, granted very cool. But not really needed. In fact when used too much or setup hard (configurable by the way) the fans can actually get to a point where they are slightly exasperating. Nope my dear Guru's - the true value and 90% of the fun is to be found in the lights and the actual sound-kit."

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