No More Heroes Creator: Nintendo Switch Is THE Video Game Console

Video game developers in general are very enamoured by the Switch—it makes sense. It’s just powerful enough enough to not limit them much, while also offering far more possibilities for what they can do and who they can reach thanks to its unique, modular form factor.

One developer who appears to be in love with the Switch is none other than Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51.

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robtion1012d ago

Let me finish that sentence.

The Switch is THE game console...which has my latest game on it.

Love Suda 51's games but hope he can get back to making full releases, the last 2 being f2p and indie style. I would still like to see Lily Bergamo made.

AK911012d ago

I would love to see Shadows of the Damned and Killer is Dead on the Switch hell put the Killer 7 Remaster as well while we’re at it.

instantstupor1011d ago

So strange when your experience is so out of whack with everyone else's. I got my Switch a few months after launch. Enjoyed Odyssey and Kingdom Battle. Golf Story was meh. And that's it. I'm not interested in Yoshi's Crafted World or Pokemon. I'm kind of interested in Octopath, I liked Xenoblade Chronicles/X, but 2 seems less of a surefire hit for me. I still have my Wii U, so all those ports have zero value for me since I own all the ones that interest me.

It's a unique form factor and I like the idea, but I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm just not the target demographic for Nintendo. Hopefully the new FE and Metro are good, so I can at least enjoy a couple other things from this console.