Black Desert Passed $1 Billion in Gross Sales and 18 Million Users; Mobile Version Coming West

Today Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss provided with a press release an update on how the game has been doing worldwide, alongside interesting news.

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Veneno196d ago

Then why cancel BR mode? Im still looking for one that I can get into.

yomfweeee196d ago

“We had originally planned to provide continuous updates to Shadow Arena to keep it fresh and fun, but over time we had to consider how to balance making improvements to it, whilst working on fresh content. We felt that the focus on new updates was deviating from our original direction, partially due to the time being dedicated towards this mode. In addition, the recent rise of 3rd party software added to our concerns, making us further contemplate on its place within the scope of Black Desert Online. As a result, we have decided that partial improvements on Shadow Arena would not be enough to keep it running as a regular feature. So after much consideration and discussion, we have ultimately decided to close Shadow Arena in its current state with the April 10th maintenance.”

The part about 3rd party software is hackers and exploiters. They were spending a lot of time dealing with them. Wasn't worth it.

Kribwalker196d ago

i bought the $10 version for my xbox at launch but haven’t had a chance to jump in yet. I think i’ll give it a go this weekend

dekke196d ago


its grindfest filled with MT's like every other MMO looks nice and kinda funny =)

gamer7804196d ago

its an mmo , even though there is MicroTransactions there is no monthly fee, so if you aren't playing you don't feel like you have to every day to get your moneys worth which honestly I prefer to something like FFXIV which no matter what you are paying 15$ a month, plus expansion costs, plus optional cash shop.

It is a bit grindy, but the combat is much better than in other mmo's. My only complaint is there isn't any dungeons to do in a group. There are lots of life skills and world bosses etc which is nice.

Born2Game83196d ago

Its MT heavy ridden MMO. Only positive aspect of the game is the character models and the combat. Its okay to try out.

T1125P196d ago

It's a grindfest, if you want a nice relaxed play when you want MMO try Guild Wars 2. Best part no monthly fee.

MajorLazer196d ago

When did games stop being games and become more like a job/chore?

PurpHerbison196d ago

Korean MMORPGs have always been grindy.

gamer7804196d ago

I sometimes enjoy a little grind, its a good time to put in a movie and just have some fun with the combat while watching a good flick.

Cobra951195d ago

When they became about paying continuously to live and develop in an online world.

TheRealTedCruz196d ago


Gonna stick with ESO and GW2.

Samus707196d ago

I appreciate the size of this fictional female’s breasts. The artist has my respect.

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