Looking Back at 5 Years of… Titanfall

Carlos writes: "Depending who you ask, you may well get a completely different answer on the personal thoughts of Titanfall, but not because it wasn’t an incredible game – that it most definitely was!"

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192d ago
Crazyglues192d ago

1st Titanfall I absolutely loved, was an amazing game... If it had came out on PS4 the same time with Xbox I think it would have been a juggernaut, Doing over 10 million copies sold on between Xbox, PC, and PS4... but EA did them so dirty by not believing in the vision and instead selling the game short to Microsoft for 50 million, and killing it's real potential..

Today Respawn is back and Apex Legends and showing just how big of a monster they could have been with Titanfall if EA didn't do them dirty...

Let's hope Titanfall 3 can get back to the Magic of Titanfall 1 and be bigger then both games put together...

HeyNowChillax192d ago

Titanfall 2 is the best high flying space ninja FPS this generation imo and everyone should own a copy being it's only like 5 bucks everywhere. The campaign alone is worth it but be warned mostly pro's still battle it out on the servers these days, if you're good it's an amazing game but there is also Frontier Defense mode which is like Horde mode with titans.

SolidGear3192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Currently playing TitanFall 2 and loving it 😁