Could Days Gone Be The AAA Surprise Hit Of The Year?

Could Sony have another hit on their hands?

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capjacksparrow1518d ago

I think it has the capability. I'm looking forward to it.

_SilverHawk_1517d ago

The game looks amazing and I haven't seen anything that looks as good as days gone in a long time. I cant wait to buy this game day one

AnthonyDavis1517d ago

No I expect Days gone to be a disappointing game.

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UltraNova1517d ago

Not my cup of tea from what I've seen so far. I can only muster the appetite for one more zombie game - that's tLoU2. Maybe I'll give it a go down the line.

Personal preference aside, I can definitely see the appeal, this game's production values are through the roof.

Livingthedream1517d ago

@ROFU I agree. I initially thought it was great. Then after the first real gameplay was shown, was a bit disappointed, but now feel like its cone into it's own, and looks pretty damn good. We'll see how it ends up, I may have to pick a ps4 again, with this and last of us 2 on the way.

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carcarias1517d ago

I'd like to think so too but, although I've seen enough to make me believe I'll enjoy it a great deal and pre-order, I think it's more likely gonna be a well-liked game that people are pleasantly surprised by, as opposed to a Goty.

If it is a GotY nominee though, I'll be very happy for the developers. They seem to have really done everything possible to make the game they envisioned.

Ya_bitch1517d ago

I think it will depend on how much content it has to offer with no multiplayer 🤔

4kgk761517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

The game campaign is 30 hours apparently.

Hroach6161517d ago

30 hr story. So with side content and what not it should be pretty decent length.

jukins1517d ago

Think you missed the SURPRISE part of the headline. Because what

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Rimeskeem1517d ago

Well, God of War had no MP and well.... ya

ArchangelMike1517d ago

Marvel's Spider Man says "hi.." as well.

ssmilloy361517d ago

trying to get back into horizon now that gow is beat.

ArchangelMike1517d ago

Since when did Multiplayer = content? Go play Anthme then - all the content you need considering it's a multiplayer game.

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Dragonscale1517d ago

Not all games need multiplayer fgs.

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sampsonon1517d ago

mp? almost all the mp games that have come out in the past few yrs are copy and paste and money grabbing slot machines.

give me a great single player game any day over the lackluster mp game.

Mr Marvel1517d ago

F**k multiplayer.
Having no multiplayer is a selling point for me.

DrumBeat1517d ago

Agreed. Unless a game is full on multi-player, it's often compromised. Single player games are at their best with no MP mode attached.

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Elda1517d ago

I hope so,a day one buy for me.

Shiken1517d ago

Same here. I am honestly more hyped for this game than TLoU2.

DrumBeat1517d ago

I wouldn't go that far, but then again, TLOU2 is my most anticipated game period, and admittedly, I'm a huge TLOU fanboy.

Hroach6161517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Really the only game I’m anxiously anticipating this month. Digital delux pre ordered. I’ll be playing it Thursday at 9pm! Then Avengers Friday night. Gonna be a good weekend.