Wattam and Katamari creator talks being canceled by Sony, poop, and embarrassment

We recently played Wattam, but we also got to speak with one of its creators, Keita Takahashi, who is most known for Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy. He spoke to us about poop, his embarrassment over his work, and more.

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Fist4achin848d ago

So does this mean Sony's not going to be taking his crap?! This developer definitely has some great creativity and the Katamari are a hoot. I hope we see more in the future.

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Samus707847d ago

Well, he certainly seems like a lovely human being. Perhaps a little too humble but I appreciate his lack of ego - not very common in today's gaming climate. Yet another reason why Japanese gaming is my preferred country of origin. The personalities of the people making the games are SO important to the outcome. In the West, devs tend to be either money grubbing corporatists looking to squeeze every dollar possible or they are egotistical narcissists who think it's their job to change the world through their "art". Ugh.

fsfsxii847d ago

I wonder what your opinion of Miyamoto is. Several developers have come out exposing his petty attitude

Segata847d ago

Lol yeah dude has a serious temper

Samus707846d ago

I’m actually not talking about whether a person is a joy to work for, i’m Talking about how their personality shapes their goals. In the examples I cited about the West, the goals are simply money and self-importance. The East tends to try to please the player and find success through endearment and then loyalty.

Tapani846d ago

I think most Japanese developers are much more humble than their Western counterparts, however, it would be naive to think they don't have billion dollar corporations trying to milk their customers to the last penny. I mean look at the mobile game business there, it can be worse than the Western world.

Console developers do seem different though, it's old school business for people who are talented and learn through mistakes. These guys seem to be really wanting the player feel the fun and excitement when playing their game.

Please do note that Japanese are naturally quite humble in front of foreigners, in front of TV cameras, and such. It's a cultural thing (compared to Americans who are the opposite, and that is respected in the US.)