The Best VR Racing Games and Simulators

BY RICK MARSH: Video games are meant to be immersive. They encourage us to act like footballers, spies, assassins, and a wealth of other characters. VR takes this escapism even further, offering a level of realism that offers near-total immersion. As well as providing the opportunity for some of the most entertaining games around, VR also has a host of real-world applications.

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ApocalypseShadow736d ago

One of the best reasons for VR:simulators.

But you would think something as easy as Need for Speed: No Limits VR could be ported to PSVR, Quest, PC VR,etc. to make it even better without the drift. Nope. It's EA. Those lazy bums. No wonder I boycott them.

Jakens736d ago

It would be great if we get GTR 3 and the newest Assetto to home consoles and with VR support.