OCModShop: Champions Online Interview

OCMS writes: "Recently I had the chance to speak with Randy Mosiondz, lead designer for Champions Online about the pending Super Hero MMOPG that looks to be a true classic.

OCMS: What is the background and setting of the game?

RM: Champions Online is based on pen-and-power super-hero roleplaying game that's been around since the early 80's. The setting is based in a modern-day. Super powers started coming into existence in the 1940s which gave rise to a number of powerful super-heroes and super-villains. The most prominent of the villains is Dr. Destroyer, a malevolent genius whose most infamous superweapon decimated the city of Detroit in the 90's. The Champions are one of the most famous superteams who rose up to fight against the rise of super-villains."

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