I beat Sekiro's final boss with cheats and I feel fine

No shame. Sekiro's final boss is some bullshit, honestly.

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nowitzki2004607d ago

There is people that murder and still "feel fine" doesnt mean its ok.

Doge607d ago

What a fucked up comparison.

SamPao606d ago

It was obviously a joke...

606d ago
hiawa23606d ago

How do you compare something so serious as murder to playing video games. That comparison is ridiculous.

rebeljoe14605d ago

Maybe I should inform the police abou this

Flewid638605d ago

The Made No Sense Award goes to you brah. lmao

Wolffenblitz605d ago

Cant get a joke award goes to you brah. lmao

ShockUltraslash605d ago

Sure. Court gives out death penalties and people are okay with it.

BlackDoomAx605d ago

Thanks for the morning laugh. And people downvoting is even better.

Kubark605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

I hear you friend but don't you think you're understating things a bit too much. The man who wrote this article is a moral reprobate of the highest order. Genocidal maniacs, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and Donald Trump: they are all utterly despicable people beyond the pale, but the man who wrote this article...there's simply no words for the evil he has wrought.

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winter_hill607d ago

Shame! Shame! Shame! Now strip off. I have a bucket of rotten fruit and veg to throw at you.

StrengthInNumbers607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

You're telling us because you don't actually feel fine. You're looking for validation.

Chaosdreams606d ago

Every now and then I'll read a comment that makes me grin and think out loud "got 'em."

Well put.

harmny606d ago

How about those morons that don't want them to add an easy mode because they want to protect from software's vision but the more they talk the more you realize they don't give a crap about the vision they just want to boost their ego telling other people they can beat the game because it makes them feel superior. They need to work on their low self-esteem.

Chaosdreams605d ago

Completing a challenge that's regarded as tough and few can accomplish forms a sense of accomplishment. It is neither moronic or an indication of having low self-esteem. Wanting to preserve the formula, the vision, and the memories that come through the experience is a noble cause - because those who see the uniqueness in it want it to remain as it is.

BlackTar187605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

those same people who would say nothing about it had the articles not been written? Those people and their ego?

UltraNova605d ago

Not that long ago, I've met a guy who climbed mount Everest. He was very very proud about it. Its strange I, nor anyone with us that night (the "morons") never once thought he was unjustifiably bragging and certainly did not wish for climbing Everest to become easy to climb for anyone. That's the nature, the reality of it, its a very challenging climb and we were fine with that reality because we could, should we wished to, climb any other mountain we choose except Everest.

And that's damn fine.

OB1Biker605d ago

You got it wrong. The issue is journalists want some studios do their bidding.

pitythefool605d ago

Nah it’s those that can’t beat the games that are crying because their little egos get bruised.

Dragonscale605d ago

And how about the morons who want to add an easy mode because 'inclusivity'. Its not mandatory fgs.

SpinalRemains138601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

I can't speak for anyone else, but as for me it is 100% about the "vision" as you call it.

I prefer to call it the experience though. The experience of defeating a difficult boss is paramount to what From is creating. That feeling IS what separates their games from the rest, and to dilute that is to completely destroy what they set out to do.

It is empirical. One must get that rush and experience the feeling to understand the finer points of the debate.

Your brains reward center being flooded is the reward for the hard work and thought you put in. Easy mode takes that all away.

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Larrysweet605d ago

Accept easy mode changes none of that u still get ur masochist time while other get to also enjoy it...not wanting easy mode will never make sense other than the statement dude made to you

SpinalRemains138601d ago

Correct. He wants a helping of "You would have done it anyway."

Not going to happen, cheater!

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro607d ago

Half the article is essentially complaining that the boss fight isn't fair, and it's trying to put forth an argument that well, I mean, I HAD to cheat. The games being unfair and it's silly to expect me to beat four phases of a boss fight.

Like cmon guy jeez. Just cheat and be like yeah I cheated I wanted to see the end who cares. Don't try and moralize a whole piece about how great it was and how you only had to do it because the game.

The worst part is that the guy in the article complains about a mechanic that is actually there to speed the last fight up because he didn't understand it.


DaDrunkenJester606d ago

His point with the electricity is that it's not practiced enough. Well, you already had one boss fight with it, and then some of those weird squid enemies in the Fountainhead Palace area have electricity moves also.

Regardless, it's a pretty simple counter move. Just jump right as he swings at you, then attack before you hit the ground. It may take a couple of tries, but it makes that final wave so simple once you get it.

Hungryalpaca605d ago

It’s a really easy counter lol. I don’t get why people are having so much difficulty. It’s like they’ve forgotten reaction time can be a thing in games.

Vegamyster606d ago

The first two of the phases to that fight aren't even hard the last two have the same movesets so it's not like a overly complicated one either, everything he uses against you are things you should have learned earlier in the game, it's completely fair lol.

DarXyde605d ago

I see it like this...

If the goal is just to see the end of a game, there's YouTube.

If the goal is to beat the game and you can't under normal circumstances, sure, use cheats.

But don't expect From Soft to hold your hands, folks. Of they don't want to make it easier for you, they shouldn't have to. Don't buy the damn game. I honestly cannot understand the mentality of people on this issue.

If it's too hard, you're probably not enjoying the game. In that case, why even play it? Why buy it? "Oh, I didn't know it'd be this hard!" Maybe you should wait to read reviews first. It's crazy. Well, now people have a way to make it more approachable, so can we let this issue die? Or are people going to complain because the console version doesn't have this solution?

Being upset about there not being an easy mode is like complaining about Team Ninja not making characters nude. The community comes in, makes changes, and there's your solution on PC. But in terms of the developer's original vision, respect it or don't buy it.

maybelovehate607d ago

So what you mean to say is that the game beat you.

Unspoken606d ago

In Japan, game owns you!