This Blow by Blow Account of an Apex Legends Cheater Getting Banned Repeatedly Will Make Your Day

This Apex Legends cheater not only livestreamed his cheating ways, but even taunted Respawn to ban him, which they did...repeatedly! Check out the blow by blow account of this happening and what he did at the end.

Parasidious1636d ago

It's getting pretty crazy I run into at least 2-3 script kiddies everyday. Most seem to be from China. Would be nice if Respawn adds some sort of of region locking to curb cheating.

Scar-1636d ago

People cheat at games all over the world I've met some in person here in the states its not isolated to any one area.

AnubisG1636d ago

That is true. However, an overwhelming majority of cheaters do come from China for some reason. If I see a Chinese player in mp game, I'm gone.

quent1636d ago

Very true but there's a very big market in China specifically for selling cheatware, which is the main cause of these issues happening with popular games, it's not a race thing it's a regional thing that spills over bc online crossplay gaming

Parasidious1636d ago

Of course it's not only China, but in this game it's predominantly Chinese accounts. It's like creating cheats in China is an Esport of it's own.

Rachel_Alucard1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

There was some research on the chinese cheating phenomenon. Basically they have this culture that promotes winning by any means necessary even if it includes cheating. Their parents have this story they teach to them as kids to be like this imaginary kid that's better then them, but they never tell them how to be better. It created an entire culture that pushed all the broken copyright laws, loophole abuse, and poor manufacturing of products they have today. This isn't limited to video games but everything over there has some form of corner cutting or misleading designs. When we have chinese foreign exchange students from mainland china come over to our universities they almost always cheat through their exams or work. It's a combination of poor social education, reliance on boosters, and cheap purchase options is why "Made in China" has the connotation it does today. They don't care how to win, just as long as they win.

Sophisticated_Chap1636d ago

It isn't just isolated to gaming. The Chinese wouldn't have half of the military technology they currently possess, if they didn't cheat, and steal intellectual property from the U.S., U.K., Europe and possibly even Russia.

ravinash1636d ago

Would region locking work?
It's easy to get round it using a VPN.

Hungryalpaca1635d ago

The overwhelming majority are chinese. Yes it is isolated mostly to one area. There’s data on it.

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porkChop1636d ago

Almost every cheater these days is from China. It's ridiculous. If devs aren't going to allow us to choose our region, then at least lock China to its own region. It's unacceptable that this continues to be a problem year after year while devs do nothing about it.

excaliburps1636d ago

Yeah, I'm half Chinese, and I have no idea why a ton of Chinese players cheat. Yeesh!

Hungryalpaca1635d ago

Because there’s a market for it there.

TheRacingX1636d ago

Unbelievably pathetic how people are such douchebags that ruining something for others is amusing and they take pleasure in that fact.....gaming online has deterioated into a cesspool of scumbags and lowlifes. There are so many games online that are unplayable because of cheating. A hobby I once loved and was passionate about , has really circled the bowl and become so vile.....

Scar-1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Its not even just cheating but exploiters you have people that have youtube channels dedicated to looking for broken content to exploit. When gaming went mainstream it changed competitive MP for the worse. Still remember the gold years of Unreal tournament, Socom 1-2 and Halo 1-2 after those games the play styles changed people started playing to win by any means necessary.

excaliburps1636d ago

Worse is, these people SELL cheats! This dude was livestreaming cheats so he can sell them. Pathetic idiot.

TheRacingX1636d ago

I have alot of good memories of playing unreal tournament/championship online, playing daytona online on dreamcast, quake, etc.... its not the same anymore.....the thing with the cheating is, if youre winning game after game using cheats or other means , do you feel a real sense of victory knowing you are not winning legitimally? you are only saying youre not good enough and you have to cheat to feel good about yourself??? people got really pathetic the last 10 yrs or so...

ravinash1636d ago

Single player games FOREVER!!!!

mogwaii1636d ago

Imagine what they do on their tests to become doctors

Kubark1636d ago

"It's somewhat toxic to ruin games, but I don't tell them to come to my steam and be toxic, I just move onto the next game." This guy is an imbecile. Apparently it's toxic to ban a cheater. Toxic for him, yes, but that's what you get for being a scumbag.

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