RPG Vault: Wakfu Interview - Part 2

RPG Vault writes: "lue Larvae are plump and appear pretty innocuous, so it's nor surprising to learn that they're considered practically harmless. Although they will butt you with their heads time and again, this action simply isn't injurious to a degree that might cause concern. Indeed, it can seem more like a form of greeting than an attack. However, the same can't be said about their cousins of other hues. Fortunately, their coloring makes them easy to spot. On the other hand, Prespiks are extremely timid. This characteristic helps to explain why they have cultivated an ability to avoid being seen despite having orange fur and being relatively common in forested areas. The potbellied variety is extremely corpulent. Perhaps surprisingly, their rotund shape is actually quite useful; it allows them to move about more rapidly by rolling than waddling or trying to run.

These two whimsical creatures are among the many that will populate Wakfu, French studio Ankama's sequel to Dofus, its successful Java-based massively multiplayer game that has amassed the highly impressive total of seven million accounts worldwide. The follow-up takes place centuries later. The backstory involves an ogre. who sought the love of a beautiful lady. He found six dragon eggs, which made him enormously powerful. However, she betrayed him, which led to her demise and his embarking on a rampage so fearsome that even the mighty gods fell before his wrath. When he was done, he retired to a tall mountain and began crying so much his tears threaten to submerge the world and its inhabitants. We questioned Lead Community Manager Graziella Marie and Technical Director Camille Chafer, who both previously took part in the initial segment of this interview."

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