The Shame of Sucking at Gaming (And Why It’s OK)

There are so many good things about games. It's a shame when the challenge gets in the way for someone. Maybe more accessibility options are the answer? Let's talk about why it's OK to slap the easy button.

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ThinkThink494d ago

If a game is too difficult, I'll drop it and move on to something else pretty quick, otherwise I won't get to play anything else that year and miss out on a ton of fun games. There are exceptions though if the game really hooks me in like Ori, i'll stick with it to the end. With 4 kids, I have probably about 2-3 hours a week for gaming, if i'm lucky. I remember loving the challenge much more as a kid when I could spend 3-4 hours a day playing games. Life gets in the way though. If a game is overly difficult, it's just not fun for me and that's the whole point of video games.

sprinterboy493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

I'm a gamer of 37 years and understand where your coming from, but I've literally been tapping down bloodborne since launch day.
I've only done 4 bosses but my god there some of the best trophies I've earned.
Will I ever complete bloodborne? Probably NOT, but I've had alot of fun trying over the years. I normally go back to it while waiting Imbetween releases of other games I'm looking fwd too.
Edit: tbh it's games like "super meat boy" which piss me off the most cause I just suck at them lol.

william_cade493d ago

40 year old gamer here that returned a year ago from a 20 year break in gaming. I couldn't finish AC Origins and struggling to complete Fallout 4, but Bloodborne is one I had to complete (100%). I get lost in From's games. They remind me of gaming in the 90's with graphics I wish the NES, Sega and even the PS1 had.

chrono1205493d ago

As a father of 4 I know the struggle. Days I would 100% games are behind me. I choose my games to play that night by how much I need to put in to it. Ducks getting old, but I figure when I retire I'll have all the time in my life to play games.

NecrumOddBoy494d ago

I wouldn't say you suck if you aren't good at the SoulsBorne-esk game. They just have a precise timing mechanic that isn't as easy to master, plus a health bar that is pointess (with those 1 - 3 hit deaths). I would say, it's just not your thing. I used to love oldschool NES titles, but playing Ninja Gaiden now, it's brutal and it's just not my thing. I play lots of really hard modes and games but I pick and choose what I play. Also, I 100% am cool with watching a run of Sekiro over playing it. It's a very tough game and I can still enjoy it without playing it. Plus, I am older and like the pick up and play titles, or keep to 1 big game at once. (Currently playing Yoshi, just platinum'd TIMESPINNER of PS4)

sprinterboy493d ago

I play all my games on normal and hard on my 2nd playthrough. I would say I can complete 95% of games on those difficulties but yep there are the 5%ers out there like bloodborne, Wipeout etc but that's not to say I don't enjoy them, some of most cherished trophies are from hard games like bloodborne or Wipeout as examples.
Far better feeling of omfg I got the trophy instead of the trophy popping because you collected a simple treasure within 5mins of starting the game.

nitus10492d ago

Uncharted 1 says hello. 😊

Actually, you do get a trophy in Dark Souls 2 when you die for the first time, which could be in the first minute. Still, IMHO I think DS2 has the better tutorial than DS1 or DS3 (no nasty mini-boss) although like the other Souls games it can be quite unforgiving in the later stages and in the DLC.

nitus10492d ago

I found the main difference between the Souls games and Bloodborne was the fact that in Bloodborne you have to learn to dodge although if you play Dark Souls 3 and choose a lightly armoured character (eg thief) you can get a similar experience especially if you learn to dual-wheel.

Actually, in all the Dark Souls games you can move relatively quickly if lightly armoured but IMHO DS3 offers the closer Bloodborne experience.

On a side note. I opened up a root dungeon in Bloodborne and most of the enemy I was up against were "insight eaters". This wasn't so bad but then I hit the first boss which was (you guessed it) an "insight eater", but this boss had the ability to cast paralyze like the Hemwick witches which is very problematic. Too far away and you have a chance to escape but too close and you are "instakilled" with the loss of two insight.

I did find a valuable blood gem (prior to the boss) and consequently got an achievement for it but I am not sure if I want to retry the boss after dying a few times which is kind of expensive.

william_cade493d ago

There is no shame, because it's kind of stupid to think being good at gaming means anything really. I mean if it's a personal thing then I understand. Then I suppose it's self shaming.

Slap the easy button all you want, if the game has one. I wouldn't do it, but you bought the game.

sprinterboy493d ago

Most games are supposed to be fun and not frustrating, so if someone wants to play the game on easy then I agree there should be no shame on it.

FanboysKiller493d ago

I always blame the controller, if I'm suck at something i knew already how to figure it out, I don't care much about the brand if that specific game is special to me.

thepatientgamer493d ago

The games that really get me good are RTS games. Tried company of heroes and I would just get butt whupped. I love the ability to command my troops in world war Ii and out strategize Nazis, but I just plain suck. Sometimes, you're just not good at some games.

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