There is Nothing Wrong With Hackers talk about why there is nothing actually wrong with hackers, or hacking!

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FBl4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Agreed,especially when the hackers despise Microsoft

Sarick4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

The only time I think it's bad is when people use it to harm the industry illegally sharing content. To me hacking or modding a product to enhance it's capabilities doesn't seem all that bad as long as it isn't abused.

Ex. Hacking a drive to read read all copy protected disk isn't harmful if it's used for personal backup. If the drive is hacked/cracked and used to mass produce copies for all your buddies it is.

Hackers enhance products for fun and entertainment. Their goal is to improve things. Crackers break into secure software or hardware for illegal uses or personal gain.

The real problem is getting everyone to understand the difference between the two.

slik10004034d ago

That's the point of the article, to try and get people to look at the difference between the two aspects of programming.