The Next Devil May Cry Needs to Put Its Women Front and Center

Author Writes: Despite everything it does well, Devil May Cry 5 is a dissapointing showing for Trish and Lady, and the next game needs to change that.

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TGGJustin1882d ago

While in my review I said the same thing about Lady and Trish not being in the game enough I don't agree that the next game should focus on them. They have never been the main characters and really have always served as support characters. Let's not act like we need an all female DMC just for the sake of it. They deserve to be playable characters but the whole game shouldn't be about them.

VTKC1882d ago

Well you know, women have to be the center of everything these days because equality and empowerment characters need to turn gay long after the games been released and all that liberal nonsense

bradfh1882d ago

I strongly hate the pc culture its out of control. Nothing wrong with main female characters but stop making a big deal if a female character are not first all the time.

NecrumOddBoy1882d ago

Bayonetta much??? You never need to force diversity for the sake of the PC outrage culture. Create what makes sense for the story you want to tell.

1882d ago
Godmars2901882d ago

Its not the presence of women, its the active dumbing down and/or dismissal of old fan bases as "white males".

Redrex70001882d ago

hold on lets not go there
I would have like to see more of
Trish and Lady just as long
as they keep the whole
PC bs out of it
that shit is really starting
to smell

jeki1882d ago

It helps sales, that's for sure. Otherwise developers wouldn't be "SJW".

bloop1882d ago

Sure Jeki. Is that why Battlefield V sold so much?

Pennywise1381882d ago

I consider myself pretty liberal minded but I have to agree with most these comments. The whole pc and outrage culture is out of control. The left has traditionally been the defenders of art and now all they want to do is control it and tell people what and how they should make their art.

WombBat1882d ago

LOL We Do not need Female protaganist in DMC.

UltraNova1882d ago

In other news, just saw the new promo post for Terminator Dark Fate, three women looking gruff and hairdresser ready to fight Skynet....

Guess John Connor decided to embrace his inner call and switch genders...nuh what the hell do I know, make everything female lead.

Konami if you are making another MGS make Snake a chick. Hell its about time MS revealed Master Chiefs true LGBT nature!


Gaming1011882d ago

The half man wimpy SJW is virtue signalling as he laments that the female characters show their skin. Is this really where we're at now? Women can't show their skin? Ok Al Qaeda. This is the same bullshit from feminists who claim the male gaze itself is inherently evil, oppressive, and patriarchal. Therefore, they claim the burqa is freeing because it disables the male gaze, and the bikini is a too of the patriarchy, because it attracts the oppressive male gaze.
GTFOH with this bullshit. The fact that females show skin in games is NOT oppressive towards them because men look at them. Fuck off with your nonsense.

Srelhow1881d ago

Feminatzi No no no no..... bouncing titties Bwahahahahahaha

Army_of_Darkness1881d ago

The author needs to shut his face. Since when has dmc ever been about the supporting casts?? This is not about he or she. It's about Dante you noob!

rainslacker1881d ago

Devs should be free to make what they want....so long as what they want is what I want. That's PC culture in gaming in a nutshell.

Personally, considering what politics in general do which is nowadays correct, I don't see any harm in offending anyone, because there isn't a day that goes buy that a politician can't offend a wide swath of people and still keep on plugging along.

jeki1881d ago


Battlefield V is one game and wouldn't have sold well anyway.

Let's see a developer make an anti-SWJ game (whatever that means) and see how well it does. It should be a blockbuster right?

Bane351881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Pretty much but hey thats the world we live in now

bloop1881d ago

@jeki: Battlefield V wouldn't have sold well anyway?? You're joking right? It's one of the biggest franchises going at the moment with a huge following. It would've sold a lot better without them shoe horning in political agendas. How many people on this website alone cancelled pre orders?? And if you really want to compare a "non- SJW" game, just go choose any of the GTA games and compare sales.

battlegrog1881d ago

but if women are center of everything dont that mean its not equal and just doing something to be correct when its going the opposite side of the fence

DarXyde1881d ago

Eh, it's not a bad thing to have a bit more diversity and representation, but I think there's a time and place for all things. In terms of the series canon, they would need to justify why you're not Dante or Nero or Vergil (which is why, in my opinion, a spinoff works well).

I'm not opposed to a Lady spinoff since I thought she was fun and effective in DMC4SE, but Trish is forgettable, in my opinion.

I'm all for games having us play as women or people of color, but I think it can be harmful to the cause depending on intent: is this a series that started with us using women (e.g., Tomb Raider) or provided an opportunity to explore another character's story (e.g., Uncharted: Lost Legacy or The Last of Us: Left Behind)? If so, that's great. But if, say, they replaced Dante with a woman who uses his weapons the exact same way that he does, I wouldn't really see the point-- why replace him at all?

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Godmars2901882d ago

While given what Dante said to Vergil in regards to Nero he could have a rugrat of his own out in the world whose double-y and could show up for the next installment, still have to figure that it would be Dante's brat. Attitude and all.

gamer78041882d ago

I'd be cool with a spinoff game as long as they can keep from shining bright lights all over them...

VTKC1882d ago

Trish and Lady need to be front and center? Riiight, because you pushing for "the female need to be the lead" Did it ever occur to you that they are not the main character?

wwinterj1881d ago

I see they missed out Lucia. Not very good as pushing the female everything agenda.

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