Windows 7 Scalable Enough To Support 256 Cores

Dave Altavilla writes:

"Though obviously Microsoft has taken a fair amount of heat regarding Windows Vista, there's probably a directly proportional level of hype on their next mainstream OS, Windows 7. Projected by some to be the OS that Vista should have been, and still by others to be nothing more than Vista on steroids (perhaps just a six-pack of Red Bull, depending on who you talk to); there's plenty of rumor, gossip, leaked and public information to go around to keep your mind off your troubled Vista installation that just crashed again for the eleventh time today. However, when it comes to unreleased OS information, we like to spend our bandwidth listening to trusted sources close to the development of the product, rather than buzz around in hear-say land."

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FBl4032d ago

I doubt it has enough juice to support the CELL processor

DevastationEve4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

oh...isn't cellbe an IBM processor? let's make this a game of "where's waldo"

how many PCs out there ship with an IBM proc?

"OH! There He Is!"


BTW, he's not in the pic. unless his back is towards us?

pwnsause4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

the fact of the matter is the Cell is very powerful despite being an IBM processor, other than that, its very exciting to hear that Windows 7 could support 256 cores

uie4rhig4032d ago

it may be an IBM CPU.. but it works on a 128-bit architecture.. and Windows may have a 64-bit version, but many, MANY applications don't run on 64-bit version... let alone that there is NO WAY for the kernel to run on a 128-bit CPU (unless of course its re-engineered, and recompile and all)..

as someone in the open zone said.. linux supports up to 4096 cores..

sniper45344032d ago

ummm lol dude u make no sense with ur stupid coments lol

DevastationEve4032d ago

how shrek! the task manager must be hard to read:P

anyway, i hope things go smooth with se7en. i hope it will be an easy migration from vista too.

uie4rhig4032d ago

lol linux has always been superior to Windows in most, if not all, ways.. the only thing that doesn't make people use Linux is because of the limited application support, but eventually companies have to support linux coz of the increasing market share of linux :)

Bob Dole4032d ago

Too bad you can't buy any new games on Linux.

pp4032d ago

Cell processor is useless even the next ps4 won't have a cell processor.

SonySoldierEternaL4032d ago

your brain needs a cell processor!

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