WorthPlaying: BioShock PS3 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "When Bioshock was released in the late summer of last year, PC and Xbox 360 owners were treated to one of the more fantastic games up to that point. The graphics were top-notch, the sound was eerie, and the gameplay was solid and fun. What stood out the most from the game, however, was the story. While some argued that it began to fall apart toward the end, no one could deny that the story was the captivating factor that made people want to play Bioshock even if they weren't fans of first-person shooters or first-person adventure games. For over a year, PS3 owners have had to deal with rumors of the game coming to their black box while 360 and PC gamers had already played through the title several times over. Finally, 2K Games, along with a gaggle of developers, have brought this acclaimed title to the PlayStation 3. The question is whether or not time has been kind to Bioshock and how well the port has been handled. The answer will be a positive one for PS3 players."

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