7 Aussie Movie Licenses That I Would Rather Play

WARNING: You likely won't get this if you're not Australian...

While watching movies with my girlfriend, I will often blurt out, "This would make such a good game." , spraying crumbs of Maltezers out of my mouth in the process. Most of the time these movies are not your typical action-packed films that could easily be re-imagined for my Playstation 3. Romantic comedies, or 'rom-coms' as I like to call them get the treatment from my imaginative mind, as do serious dramas and teen coming-of-age films. Here is a list of Australian classics that I would rather play than most, if not all, the Hollywood movies that have had their names slapped on a videogame box.

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Dipso4036d ago

Very funny article. But I can't believe he left the classic Aussie biker movie "Stone" off that list. Probably the most hilarious and shocking ending in cinema history.

dukegodtezza4036d ago

wife in back ground saying home and away

thataussiegamesite4035d ago

... can be left for another article. Mother & Son also has potentional, no?

Stone is a popular choice with people actually. I wish I had've included it.