“We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out” - Remedy

From VG247: "Fans of Alan Wake may be waiting a while for Alan Wake 2, if it happens at all.

During PAX East, we got a chance to chat with Thomas Puha, director of communications at Remedy Games, and we asked about the possibility of a sequel to the psychological horror series."

uGLYmE1524d ago

Poor Xbox. This generation has hopefully been a learning experience for them.

FalconofLucis981524d ago

Pray for them, they really need it

quent1523d ago

all you console fanboys needs jesus

sprinterboy1524d ago

Seems like the xbot gamers don't want MS/Xbox division to learn from there mistakes and have a rinse and repeat of this gen next gen again going off your disagrees.

ZwVw1524d ago

Yet, had MS gone with AW2 over QB, you'd all be crying how MS doesn't take chances with new IPs and only does rehashes and sequels, blah blah blah...

quent1523d ago

I'm sure you ponies will be getting it hard and long come next gen with all of Sony's anticonsumirism, enjoy you deserve it

DrumBeat1523d ago

I think it's more a response to poor trolling, and judging by your five year old comment, you're up to the same antics. "There mistakes" eh? That's the mother of all fuck ups.

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Al_Simmons1523d ago

I don't know why so many down votes because it's true. This generation was terrible for them and the numbers across the board shows it. Heck, their business practices show it as well. Bending that ass over every direction in order to take the focus away from their sales numbers between hardware and 1st party software

Ceaser98573611523d ago

Let's just call it Alan Slept... and move on..

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Fishy Fingers1524d ago

I'd of taken it over QB but personally I'm more excited for Control then a potential AW2.

chiefJohn1171524d ago

...... control is practically QB 2 lol your statement makes no sense.

Fishy Fingers1524d ago

Pretty sure it did John.

Stop laughing to yourself mid sentence. It looks weird.

chiefJohn1171523d ago

No it didn't, that's like saying you'd take call of duty over Apex then say your more excited for pubg than call of duty tho 😂 and that's not even a 1 to 1 comparison cause control is even closer to being a Quantum break clone than pubg and Apex is too each other.

darthv721523d ago

To be fair, QB is a rather good game. It's just the live action stuff really mucked up the overall impression.

DrumBeat1523d ago

Maybe if I knew more about Control I could agree, but knowing what I know about Alan Wake, I'd much rather see a sequel than Control.

Alan Wake was everything a single-player enthusiast could possibly want.

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manabyte771524d ago

Especially now that Remedy has gone multi plat. Their games will finally get the sales they deserve.

AuraAbjure1523d ago

Control should sell well. Fingers crossed. I bet it will get fairly spooky at some parts 😬

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Donnie811524d ago

Man I’d love be an Alan wake 2!!!

1524d ago
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