Gears 2 - A WTF Moment With Cliff Bleszinski In Australia

"Well Gears Of War 2 is just around the corner and waiting to hit our shores come November 7th at exactly 0.00:1am. Several midnight launches around Australia will be handing over the game to eager Gears Of War 2 fans. We will be some of the first "official" players online with Gears Of War 2, playing with those on our Friends-List.

You see our valued North American readers, Fri 0.00:1 7th November is around *16-20 hours BEFORE the East Coast of the United States or Canada even wakes up . . . let alone ticks over the hour of Midnight of the 6th into the 7th.

While talking to Mr Bleszinski - (we'll call him Cliff for ease of this discussion) - I had the opportunity to ask him a few personal questions. I wanted to approach him about his background. A couple of my questions had him looking a little amazed and perplexed.

I asked him if he was "happy now that the game he was originally building in high school was finally in the can . . The game called 'Over Fiend' . . . . you remember?!" Cliff stood still for a moment, looked straight at Scott (Pulse rep) and then asked, "what did you say?" - I thought I'd broken some Gears Of War protocol or something. I repeated the question. He asked again, "what game did you say?"."

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XboxOZ3604036d ago

It was an excellent evening and a great opportunity to speak with Cliff and several others during the night. But I have to say, I wasn't impressed with Gears 2, what was on show was a 5-6 month old build which definitely showed its age and had problems.

Visually it left a lot to be desired, and I "think" other games will leave it behind in their wake come Christmas when you place them side by side and look at the features each has.

But it will keep the Gears "run-n-gunners" faithful happy.

TheIneffableBob4036d ago

Why would they show a 5-6 month old build if the game is gold?

GiantEnemyLobster4036d ago

It is sure to be game of the year, 2008.

GiantEnemyLobster4036d ago

Truely a remarkable video game developer.

GiantEnemyLobster4036d ago

Everyone will have forgotten about those C-grade games titled 'resistance 2' and 'killzone 2'.

4036d ago
BLUR1114036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Man cliffy is the sh!t, made the best masterpiece ever in video games

theEnemy4036d ago

you used all your bubbles and yet you still don't make any sense.

Acj23234036d ago

he does make sense, and i agree with him, Gears of War was in its own league thrashing the other games out on the market easy, and i Gears of War 2 wont fall short of beating even that record.

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XboxOZ3604036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

AFter having seen and read up on Resistance 2 and Kill Zone 2, KZ2 is going to whoop R2, and KZ2 will give Gears 2 a solid run for its money, that's for sure.

I'm a 360 fan, but I think they needed to move Gears a long a few notches, it feels more like Gears 1.5, not Gears 2.

And on the 360 side of things, Left 4 Dead is going to leave Gears 2 for dead. If you've seen any of the MP side of things of L4D, ( you'll see that it is 4 times as intense as Gears 2, and much more frantic. Many will love it because of that, many will find it so difficult to work as a solid team in close proximity, that they'll hate it.

It's definitely a great mix of shot everything that moves, and working together and keeping everyone elses back so your a cohesive moving square moving at all times.

4036d ago
XboxOZ3604036d ago

Well if it's true, it's true. No use playing something up that's not what it claims to be. I might be a Xbox supporter, but I'm not blind or a fanboi . .

elorm94036d ago

I totally agree with Prosecutor, it's good to see that not all Xbox owners are so biased. I think that next year, Microsoft doesn't really have much to show off aside from Alan Wake, Halo Wars, and Halo: Recon. I stand corrected though.

Godem4036d ago

I sure as hell would hate to have the same questions asked to me every single day. Good Job thinking of something new and unique.

Midnight Launches? What stores in AUS are having midnight launches?

gaminoz4036d ago

Well my first guess would be EB, followed by GAME. I'm a bit 'meh' about GOW2, only because there are so many great games sitting near the 360 waiting to be played. I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I get to it, but it does seem a bit 'more of the same' to me. I loved the original, except for the stupid AI for Dom when I wasn't playing co-op and the need for teamwork in online multi.

XboxOZ3604036d ago

Well if I find out, I'll pop it up as soon as I can, I think GAME will have, and most likely out at Parramatta in the Sydney area as it's one of their biggest stores.

leeeeed4036d ago

I love that Cliff's sexual orientation is a reason to report this story :P


XboxOZ3604036d ago

Yes, and the fact that - well - it's not news after all, just because the Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Xbox 360 mag, X360 mag, etc etc etc all covered it, it can't be NEWS . . dimwhits.

Learn what the "report" button is for and the "comments" button is . .the two are vastly different. Besides, I didn't think Cliff was THAT way inclined, even if he did put his arm around me . . heheheh

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