Active Quest Episode 16: Is PlayStation Failing To Impress?

This week, we discuss the declining status of PlayStation among its fans after the disappointing State of Play and PS Plus offerings, Borderlands 3, and more in the news. Joseph also gives us his further impressions of Sekiro!

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ApocalypseShadow774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

Free games are free games. What you like may not be true for everyone else. But expecting all PS Plus games to be top tier all the time or not the top tier games you already bought is entitlement and being spoiled. Even talking about choosing your own free games like it's some type of buffet. Or, "give me more games for the $5 or less I'm paying a month." That's greed right there.

Shutting down all Driveclubs sucks. Evolution Studios was awesome. Especially Motorstorm. And Driveclub showed the way with its weather model. But it is in line with other old driving games that have been delisted like Forza Horizon 1,2 and Forza 5. Still sucks. You messed up Sony. They could have been your VR racing developer. Because GT blows for any real VR implementation. Why I didn't buy it.

Pacing for State of Play could be improved. Yes. But some gamers hyped themselves when Sony said some news would be shown about VR and PS4 games. It just ended up being more VR than regular. But the same gamers would complain if Sony didn't support the device.

And that beginning logo made some freak out like it was going to be another Spider-Man level AAA exclusive regular game. Or were expecting an E3, GOW level presentation when Sony is budgeting their money for upcoming marketing of AAA games to release and preparing PS5 in this broadening industry of new players that threaten traditional consoles with streaming.

I took it as an announcement of games. Just like each E3, Tokyo Game Show and Gamescom are announcement of games. I hope for the best but keep my hype in check.

Decent podcast.